Senior Women Looking for Faithful Men


Was blown away by the sexy blond’s picture on a matchmaking, dating site that popped up in my yahoo email. You could just sense the sensuality dripping from the countenance of the attractive woman paid to get people to sign up for what appeared to be a monthly subscription website for swingers or promiscuous open marriage couples.

What a shock to discover it was really an advertisement for lonely seniors. The sales pitch was Just real women looking for a faithful guy. Yeah right, the sultry woman in the ad could easily earn six figures working out of upscale hotels in major metropolitan areas as a high end prostitute/escort.

She is faithful to one thing; not an old man with dentures and erectile dysfunction, but the Almighty Dollar! ¬†Your can’t even see the characteristic varicose veins on her hands. Don’t fall for this faithful mature woman ad!
Susan Krashinsky Robertson , who has voluptuous lips and wants everybody to know her maiden name, writes at length about the exploitative nature of online dating services.

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  1. I’ve been musing on this for a while since I know a lot of these sites use public domain images. Or, in a more embarrassing manner, pull pics from the internet (there was a thing there Retaeh Parsons image was used on a site for “dating Canadian women…”).

    At one time, one could do a reverse image search and come up with the source for these pictures, but the dating sites have gotten a bit more savvy. I found this post while doing a reverse image search on this at Google.

    Whoever this woman is, the dating sites have gotten the memo that people are suspicious about their activities.

    1. Right Michael,

      All you have to do is a screenshot or use the snipping tool and all traceability is gone. I just feel for the person who has reached such a desparation level with regard to looking for love. The internet is way too expansive to even attempt to track down violaters of public domain image thieves.

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