Smaller cut of smoked salmon than advertised



Have been buying 20 ounces of Premium Smoked Salmon from Paramount Reserve at Sam’s Club for the last 5 years. The problem with the above photograph is you are seeing a much smaller cut of the fish than the usual generous offering. The transparent cardboard reinforced plastic package normally is full of red(probably red dye as salmon flesh is closer to white color) salmon meat to the point where you can not see any of the yellow cardboard. However, today you can see plenty of the yellow cardboard in the under filled package which cost us $17.99.

Perhaps, it was a thicker cut of the naturally cured and cold smoked meat and actually weighed the advertised one pound and four ounces.  If not, some consumer advocate entity would have already been screaming foul.


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  1. I buy this regularly at Sam’s Club.
    Indeed, the filling varies depending on the size of the fish and sometimes it looks like there is less.
    I doubt you bothered weighing it before you complained. The weight of my pieces always was correct, even though the shape and thickness can vary considerably.

    1. Thanks for clarifying Geert. Lazy consumers in the United States don’t bother with weighing the salmon, nor should they. Packaging standards of producers should aim at avoiding the appearance of less product for the same price.

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