Sneaky Accidental Death Dismemberment Ad


So we got this snail mail advertisement for what appeared to be free life insurance from Frank E. Cain who is the Director of and
Licensed Insurance Representative of TruStage Insurance Agency.

Upon a more careful reading, the solicitation sponsored by Chaves County in New Mexico is only $1000 worth of coverage for accidental death and dismemberment where suicide does not count as accidental death according to Frank’s employer CMFG life insurance company.

I am not sure why we got it because we dumped the Roswell Credit Union over two years ago because their interest rate is a joke.  It was less than one tenth of a percent when we closed account and transferred our cash to First American Bank.

Misleading accidental death dismemberment ad from credit union




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  1. Did anybody else notice that the red headed actor who played the catholic priest on Clint Eastwood’s Movie Grand Torino was playing pool in a TD AmeriTrade Waterhouse stock brokerage commercial.

    From being a priest to promoting a symbol of American gluttony proves everybody has a price tag. He was playing pool also symbolizing the risk associated with buying and selling stock

    1. Frank E. Cain values us as a member of Chaves County school employees credit union OR SO HE SAYS.

      Mr TruStage Whole life Insurance Director tried to hook us with cheap accident and dismemberment Insurance. We weren’t dumb enough to be duped by that, so now he tried to sucker us into paying $12 per month for $2000 of coverage unless spouse commits suicide.

      The credit union in Roswell NM never used to send us these desperate advertisements from sleazy insurance agents. They are losing deposits and customer because of their microscopically low interest rates. I guess they must be getting cuts from Frank Cain if somebody is ignorant enough pay him premiums.

      1. We never used to get snail mail ads for life insurance from Chaves County School Employee Credit Union.

        I wonder what Frank E. Cain has to pay the Roswell credit union for access to their customer lists. As a matter of law, does the credit union even have the right to give Cain its members contact information? Maybe Frank only gets paid a commission if Chaves credit union customer purchases life insurance via a sluggish time consuming snail mail application process.

        I know their customer deposits are down due to places like American Express bank which pays close to 1.5% I heard. Until they start paying fair interest rates, they will continue to hemorrhage!

        If your spouse commits suicide TruStage will invalidate policy, not EVEN paying you interest on all the premiums you paid in before spouse offed themselves!

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