The Connection between the Scantily Clad and Trade Commisions


The dumbest guy in school just bought a yacht was the E-Trade marketing gimmick on this TV commercial. Yeah, the guy in the orange shirt enjoying drinks with bikini clad, high libido, money hungry young women is portrayed as a screw off in high school who got rich buying and selling stock via his E-Trade account.

This appears to be related to the online brokerages recent reduction in trade commissions(fees) to $6.95 from $9.99. That’s right, one can now buy or trade as many shares as one desires for the staggeringly low price of $6.95. Do remember that when those 200 shares you bought take a dip and you are forced to sell them, you are losing money TWO WAYS!

This is why E-Trade has to air unrealistic commercials like the one you see below with a sexy young blonde woman just starting her twerk strut. Angela Natividad can tell you more about the MullenLowe advertisement that seems to be tapping into the 99% versus the 1% rivalry.


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  1. Timothy Sykes, Kyle Eschenroeder, Greg Guenthner, Keala Kanae, and Tim Grittani are all either successful or rip off artists depending on your perpective. They are successful at charismatically convincing low IQ folks to follow them. They are scamsters in the sense they KNOW their methods only work for a very small percentage of investors.

    Reality Check: If their investment ideas were so great, why wouldn’t they just keep it to themselves? ….Yup hope that is a light bulb turning on!!

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