The Lizard does NOT Lie


We receive unwanted volumes of snail mail from AARP singing the praises of Hartford Casualty Insurance Company. One very hard to believe solicitation last year claimed they could save us $300 annually on our car insurance.

We took the bait and insured two vehicles for $1180 yearly which was a pretty good deal, but not really matching the advertising hype of the American Association of Retired People.

So, in the never ending ruthless competition waged by American insurance companies, we get a much cheaper email ad from GEICO declaring how much they missed us and wanted our business back.

We were so moved by their poignant plea and concern for our well being that we requested they run a quote for the identical coverage Hartford had provided the year before.

GEICO wanted $486 for a six month premium which amounts to $972 annually which is around $20o less than what Hartford charged us for same coverage the year before.

Six-month premiums have the advantage of being able to reduce your rates if you have not had any traffic tickets or wrecks during that period based on a three year window. I had a ticket 35 months ago which screwed us since the premium would have been $471 had we been past 3 years or 36 months. We will see that savings upon renewal of next premium provided my wife does all the driving. She never gets tickets.



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  1. Your description of how Hartford tried to highball you comes close to what our Farmers agent in Hobbs, New Mexico did to us. What he did was legal, but most would agree sneaky to unethical. Here is the deal. We had a two car insurance policy with this dude, but had been using GEICO for homeowners. I had heard that GEICO was great with their low premiums, etc until you filed that first claim which would lead to much higher premiums.

    So my Farmers agent is essentially begging me to switch to him for homeowners insurance policy offering me a substantial discount on car insurance as a reason to switch over. I make the switch and he does NOT give the discount on car insurance he promised blaming on some type of corporate glitch or some crap! Even worse the homeowners premium was about 10% more than GEICO.

    I now rate insurance agents at a level just a little above car salesman. Also a buddy had a problem with claims adjuster who was not returning his phone calls to replace or repair a roof that was easily within the coverage criterion of his hazard insurance policy.

    1. Darren Kuhn an agent of Farm Bureau Financial Services in Roswell claims “I make insurance simple“. Hmmmm, does simple mean inexpensive or does it mean when customer files insurance claim he will simply reject it?

    2. Judy Besler of Farmers insurance in brownfield Texas got us good deals on our homeowners and life. We filed one claim on the homeowner side and we got even more than we thought! Sorry you are having issues with your agent in Roswell. I have heard service sucks there in a pooh pooh land of Manana sort of lazy ass culture

  2. Steve Bazarewski did great job with our severely water damaged hardwood floors. He was flexible about payments and understood insurance side of it. Was generous with giving us DIY which could pull business away from him.

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