The Unethical Practices of Price Gouging Hotels


We captured a screenshot of the unreasonably high room price posted by Days Inn in Flagstaff Arizona. We have never caught a pricing mistake by, and had no reason to believe the absurdly exorbitant price of of $1009 was an error. To see how extreme this rate was, note that Hotel Aspen/Grand Canyon Inn Suites had 8 bookings in the last 6 hours, but was only asking for the much more fair price of $177(They were sold out before we could make our reservation). Also The Snow Peak Inn, with the lowest rating of 5.2, was already sold out.

The first thing that would pop into many minds here were the price gouging charges levied against the Days Inn in Tampa, Florida and business owner Jamil Kassam. This was connected with other hurricane Matthew rip offs.

Part of the reason for this astronomical motel room rate was ASU orientation where family and guests  were given the opportunity to meet current students, faculty, staff as well as other current Sun Devil parents. So loving family members booked or reserved many of the hotel/motel rooms inducing the usual unaffordable prices due to inordinately high demand.

To give you an idea of how desperate travelers were for a place to stay, The L Motel was sold out! We got the hell outa of this place that explotatively spikes its lodging prices to weary Grand Canyon tourists!


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  1. We lodged at Wheat Ridge West Motel 6 near I70 in Denver Colorado. Wife could smell mold in room 106. Spider webs in bathroom. Ceiling sinking from water leaks may be cause of mold. Light fixture was dangerously placed above your head in bed. Front desk attendant friendly and helpful.

    Shout out to old buddy principal Josh Cooley at Pennington elementary school along with Sandy Craig.

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