Being Tough with Tough,Smart Lawyers


We just watched a commercial promoting the services of  the  Law Offices of Larry H. Parker. Their marketing slogan is We’ll fight for you for injuries ranging from dog bites to car accidents. They employ award winning super lawyer Jeffrey Billings and advertise that they win 91% of their cases.

There is no doubt that many people in the United States need help collecting Social Security disability, proving wrongful death of a family member, or proving that a drug was not properly tested before it made it to market.

A friend in Houston, TX worked in a warehouse that was improperly ventilated. He even informed the floor supervisor multiple times that it was stuffy with a pungent chemical smell. Nothing was done about it until a couple of workers got sick. No lawsuit was filed.

Before your retain the services of a personal injury lawyer, understand their fee is commonly a percentage of the monetary damages they win for you in court. I have read of cuts as low as 20% or more than half depending on the nature of the litigation. Also understand that a lawyer’s fee is very flexible and negotiable in large metropolitan areas because they know you can walk out the door and compare their rate with another lawyer’s rate in around 30 minutes!

Make sure and get the fee as a percentage of the overall winnings and in writing before sealing the deal with any lawyer or attorney. Most PI lawyers work on a contingency basis meaning that client owes nothing if legal counsel retained does not win.

Lawyers are service providers just like plumbers, electricians,  and carpenters which means their fee structure is negotiable. Don’t forget this. It will help immensely if you are ever unfortunate enough to need one.


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  1. I heard about somebody who was misdiagnosed with Mesothelioma in Dallas,TX. From what I know it was not due to carelessness or the incompetency of the doctor, but the lawyers swarmed like vultures. It has to stop somewhere, otherwise who wants the stress of being a doctor?

  2. Jeffrey Berniard is not one of those bloodthirsty ambulance chasing lawyers that you described. He tries to be fair to both sides while seeking a reasonable settlement and understands that doctors make honest mistakes and should not burn in hell for that. He is a honest PI attorney.
    New Orleans can be a tough town for young lawyers, but this Super Lawyer has the savvy of an old veteran.

  3. Mark Kantrowitz points out that trying to consolidate all your student loans is a bad idea if you can afford to pay each individually. A graduate student at university of Minnesota hired an attorney because a loan consolidation agent misrepresented the the advantages of merging all her student loans into a single loan. She ended up paying a lot more than she would have if she had NOT done it!
    Not sure what the outcome of litigation was. Has what I have mentioned happened to anybody else. Have you been victimized by a lender who actually made your financial situation worse by recommending consolidation of all your loans?

    1. I’m am also a hippie living in central Texas who would like to challenge the position of that other hippie who says the only thing He will not tolerate is intolerence.
      Heck, that makes him intolerant of intolerance. He does have some excellent points regarding student loans as he appears to be a lifelong professional student.

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