TransUnion Overstates Your Credit Score on the Report You Pay For!


I did not pay off a traffic ticket in time when I lived in Grand Junction, Colorado. This ticket made it to my TransUnion Credit Report as the following entry: DEROGATORY PUBLIC RECORD OR COLLECTION FILED (This is entry many identity theft victims will see on their credit report)

That is certainly fair enough, but I paid off the ticket over 5 years ago. The Derogatory credit history entry remains and continues to negatively influence only my TransUnion Credit Score. The Derogatory public record never became part of my Experian or Equifax credit record and has not hurt me at all with respect to home mortgages and car purchases. However, it still irks me that, 5 years later, my TransUnion Credit Score is below average for a ticket I paid off half a decade ago!!

The real intent of this post are a couple of other issues with TransUnion:

  1. I signed up online for the 7 day trial that TransUnion is promoting and was able to view my Credit Score which TransUnion indicated as 734. The agent for the mortgage company we are using told us that our credit score with TransUnion is 691. That is a 43 point difference! The agent stated that it is common for all 3 credit reporting bureaus to overstate your credit score. Are you getting indignant yet?? Another point to be made is that the median/average FICO credit score is 723( actually fluctuates from 718,719,720,721,722,724,725,726,727,728,729,730), so you can see the difference between 691 and 734 is quite crucial!
  2. If you look at TransUnion Credit Score screen shot below, you will note it is littered with advertisements from Capital One, New Car Price Quotes, Methods for erasing High Debt. Let’s see….New Car Price Quotes,  applying for new credit cards, AND Methods for erasing High Debt?????  WTF !! Which one of these three in incongruous? If TransUnion really gave a damn about improving your credit score, would they be advertising like this on their WebSite?  Also have you ever wondered or been pissed off about how Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion profit from essentially owning your credit score? TransUnion is displaying adds for products that will likely harm your credit score!  The world is upside down.
Credit Score on Report you Pay FOR higher than Score your Lender will See!

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  1. I was a loan processor/originator at AmeriSave for a few years and that was always a huge headache getting a client who had their heart set on their dream home. They would be bubbling about high their credit score was after checking at the transunion website. There was one extreme case where customer said TU credit score was 810 online, but when we checked it with Kroll Factual Data Bureau, it only came back as 740!! Sometimes I could not even close the loan because what a customer thought was a 730 credit score was actually only a 680.

    This pissed off the customer because of the much higher interest rate we offered them. My experience has been that all three of the credit bureaus inflate the actual credit scores. Some sort of legal action may be necessary to get this fixed. I am no longer in the lending business and do not miss it a bit!

  2. No critical changes found, you’re in the clear! These are the words that resonate from my online TransUnion Credit report. The problem is that this online credit reporting and credit score service lags your actual credit card balances by at least one month!

    That’s right, the service that TranUnion charges $16.99 a month for is super slow! Our current outstanding credit card debt for two different visa cards is around 700 dollars which we paid down around 3 weeks ago, BUT the online TransUnion credit report shows that we still owe $5200 which was our balance around 3 weeks ago!

    Again, TransUnion takes their sweet time updating your credit report and credit score which is effectively playing with the quality of your life and denying you the best mortgage interest rates that are available.

    Oh yeah, I am on record and still maintain that Leslie Freeman, a graduate of Odessa Permian, had the most perfect ass on the planet in 1977. This sexy white girl had one sexy arse that would have made Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Biel jealous.

  3. I need to contact TU customer service representative immediately. They made a mistake saying I was over 90 days late on a payment which pushed my credit score way DOWN. I have to walk to work now because it is too low to buy a car!! These people are F_CKING with my life!! What can I do?!?

    I know finance guru Steve Bucci wrote that falling 90 days behind on home mortgage payments is financial suicide. Transunion is KILLING me and I want to go after them legally. Can u help PLEASE!!!!

    1. Damion,
      Can you describe your problems with TransUnion in a few sentences. Are you issues similar to Experian where they harm your chances of moving into the house of your dreams or wreck your right to get insurance at fair rates or even cost you a job opportunity when potential employers check your credit score?

    2. Damion,

      Kate Dore wrote extensively about how credit report inaccuracies can be devastating. Inaccurate information can happen for a multitude of reasons including a clerical error, a shared name, or even identity theft. Also, inaccurate information in your credit report can harm your score. That’s why it’s important to regularly keep track of your money spending choices.

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