Unacceptably Confusing Doctor’s Bill….Do I owe anything or not?


We received this Medical Bill recently from a pathology consultant who our physician sent us to. You will notice that the “Not Covered column” suggests we owe $82.27 which is different than the “Amount you may owe the provider” of $128.80 !!

If you read the bottom of this hopelessly ambiguous accounting of what we may owe the doctor, it reads “The amount billed is greater than the amount allowed for this service. You will not be billed for this amount.”

So I guess this means we owe nothing and the insurance company is covering all our health care costs for this particular trip to the doctor? The sad part is that the confusing nature/format of this bill means that later on we could get a surprise in the mail stating we still owe on this!I am certainly happy that I have health insurance through my employer as it covers any catastrophic health care costs, but it adds a layer of complexity to your life when you have to spend time trying to understand what is covered and what is not covered!

Still, something must be done about the unfair and complicated way in which the medical profession bills. It is prone to error on the billing end to the point that the recipient of the unreadable bill probably won’t catch the mistake a large majority of the time! Hmmmm….maybe something the billers would prefer.

Incomprehensible Doctor's Bill
Incomprehensible Doctor’s Bill



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  1. Doctor Michael Kirsch writes: Every human endeavor has a finite error rate and we should be cautious before using a financial drone attack against only the medical profession. Let’s use a scalpel here and not a sledge hammer.

    Dr Kirsch should acknowledge that a sledge hammer is usually needed against errant or unscrupulous practitioners of medicine since errors and the willful withholding of effective treatments can not be tolerated when ones life is on the line.

    BTW, Beachwood, Ohio could use more Gastroenterologists like him. He is honest and loves to write about his profession.

  2. we are thinking about moving to costa rico or the philippines to avoid this health care crisis and mess in the united states. our doctor seems depressed and in a hurry all the time. our bluecross blueshield insrance covers most of our needs, but still expensive and stressfull

    1. Paul Webster, Vice President of Helicopter medical emergency service Air Methods, admits on national TV that Air Methods gouges the people who have money for bills not paid by indigent poor people. The air methods admittance form makes no mention of the exorbitant unfair prices working lower middle class have to pay to airlift their loved ones to live saving medical teams.

  3. We went to Lovelace hospital Roswell NM about 5 weeks ago for ultrasound for some masses near my cousin’s armpits. The woman administering the test was incompetent and or poorly trained. We wait and wait and wait with no communication from Lovelace regarding results of test. However, we did receive bill from them for over $1300!! Our insurance covered $950. So we owe them $350 for shabby service that has not been rendered! We were billed by Lovelace Health Systems Coral Springs Florida. There was no itemization for something that took maybe 10 minutes. We have no idea if they are being fair about their pricing and have no way of knowing if mistake has been made. Their customer service is no help when you finally get them to answer the phone. We will drive to Lubbock before we set foot in a Roswell hospital ever again. Would rather die than give those crooks our business. Reply if you have a similar grievance and we can unite in A class action lawsuit against their incompetence and fraudulent billing. I mean who really wants to deal with a misdiagnosis based on a botched ultrasound?

    1. I can beat that account of piss poor unfair service and billing! I visited my cousin in Roswell,NM. I began to feel very faint because of extreme temperature changes at their 3700 feet of elevation. I was dizzy and not feeling well. Cousin took me into Lovelace ER I guess. I ended up getting billed over $1800 for some kind of seizure test which I did not ask for, nor was I told anything about the cost. I was already starting to feel better and told the trainee, who did not appear to know what she was doing, that I wanted to leave. Some supervisor told me I had no choice once it got past a certain stage. We were told BCBS would cover most of the bill which turned out to be bullshit. It only covered $500 of the $2300 the greedy hospital billed them for tests that were probably not even done right!!! I called them and they said they would account over to collection agency. Nobody cares anymore. Its all about billing the insurance companies for as much as you can, not informing patients what anything costs. US health care is in the toilet along with intentionally obscure billing practices which do not adhere to full disclosure. Elect Trump to get us out of this MESS!

      1. While on the topic of poor service, red lobster in Roswell NM is on the decline. Our waiter had toothpick hanging out of his mouth while taking our order. He never came back to give us refills, forgot lemons, hot sauce, etc. We waited for ever for our ticket.

    2. A much higher level of fraud happened at Angel Touch Personal care in Albuquerque who bilked Medicaid for treatment of dead former clients and hiring convicted felons.

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