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The picture you see below is the confirmation from Experian that my credit history has been thawed or unfrozen. What is hidden is the many months of Hell it took Experian to make it easy to unfreeze my personal credit report with them! There was some sort of bug in the online system that would not allow you to permanently unfreeze(remove security freeze) with Experian which, of course, forced one to phone Experian  and waste untold hours trying to reach a representative who could help you! Read the incisive commentary as reported at Nasty Jack’s Progressive Critical commentary  where entities like Experian can effectively wreck your life with callous, Gestapo like actions.

It cost me $5.26 to thaw my personal credit report temporarily for 30 days online with Experian. Unfreezing your credit information online is far superior to trying to navigate through their sluggish, inefficient telephone system! We did get some excellent telephone assistance from Maxine Sweet of Experian, but one is much better off thawing credit report online! I have never understood why my precious 3 digit FICO credit score is the property of  credit bureaus like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.  The only problem I see with freezing your personal credit report is that not even you can borrow money until you thaw it AND if you lose the PIN required to unfreeze your credit then you are up excrement creek without a paddle. Guard that PIN with all your might because that 3 digit credit score pretty much controls the quality of your life!

Experian, who is no stranger to unsavory relationships, owns lowermybills.com. Deborah Hopper of askdeb.com wrote a very informative piece exposing the improprieties and exploitative practices of lowermybills.com. Credit card fraud and identity theft is not going away anytime soon and freezing your credit is far superior to paying places like LifeLock or ID Armor. Protecting against identity theft is compulsory and getting a security freeze is the best way BUT DO NOT LOSE THE PIN that the 3 credit bureaus will issue you at 10 dollars apiece.  BTW, it was a piece of cake to thaw with both Equifax and TransUnion. After a lot of wrangling and stress it appears Experian may have finally gotten their house in order, but it will be hard to forget all the precious time I wasted trying to get through to them!

Finally if you want to legally get back at Experian for all the pain and hardship they have caused your, read this article on how to take business away from them. The pith of the article is to NOT borrow from lenders who demand an Experian credit report. We recently bought two cars and three rental properties from banks and other lenders who do NOT require Experian. What this does is cost banks and lenders who require Experian valuable business. You can HURT Experian this way! Do NOT waste your time writing hateful posts about Experian threatening class action lawsuits. That does not amount to crap! Take business away from them to exact the revenge they deserve!

Thawing Experian Credit Freeze Online

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  1. I lost my pin or the code that you need to unfreeze or thaw your credit and I still have not gotten it straightened out! It has kept me an my beau from qualifying for the mortgage we need to move into the house we want!

    I feel helpless. You can never talk to anybody at Experian who can really help you. They will only tell you something that canned or scripted. I froze my credit to avoid identity theft and now I can not access my own credit history or buy a house, car or anything else on credit. What a nightmare!!!!!

    1. We ran into a nasty problem with Experian where we actually knew the code or pin that was required to unfreeze our credit information. Just like you, we were ready to buy a house, BUT the friggin Experian systems would NOT thaw our credit history for the mortgage company to get our credit score and credit history.
      What is worse is that they charged us $5.26 on their automated systems even though they did not unfreeze our report. We are thinking about filing class action lawsuit against Experian because I have heard many others have had all kinds of hell trying to get through to them.

  2. I don’t think unfreezing credit for one creditor is possible. The unconditional thawing of all your credit is the only option I believe. I called experian about a year ago to unfreeze my credit for a company that financed Exclusively for ford vehicles and the experian agent Told me it was too much of a hassle for them from an administrative point of view.

  3. Catherine Buzzitta and Lisa Gerstner both know a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of freezing your credit history with Experian and the other credit bureaus. Gerstner knows all about the target data thefts that occurred at Neiman Marcus and Target. Greg Kaiser and Cathy make a cute couple!!

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