US Capital Auto One Financial Offer


We received a pre-selected offer in the mail from US Capital Auto One Financial for an auto line of credit from $4,000 up to $39,000*. The offer that came via the collapsing United States Postal Service, a credit card from US Capital has already been issued in my name without my approval. Sounds like a lawsuit to me. Oh I know…….If you read the fine print, I am sure that is not credit card but a promotional gimmick intended to lure in suckers. I mean, If you Swipe this Card you will save $15,000…..Hell who could possibly turn down such a “from heaven” deal!!

A Web Address(URL) was also created with my name in the URL to facilitate the lending process. Sounds like another lawsuit! This entire marketing ploy is the strongest evidence I have seen of how desperate Toyota and other car dealers are for you business. I love having those lying, conniving car salesman over the barrel for once. I was ripped off by a car salesman with a balloon payment that he flat out never mentioned and I was stuck paying it off!
Don’t let me dissuade you from marching down to Toyota with your pre-approved card, after all management on duty has been authorized to make deals which meet your pre-selected(asterisk!) auto loan amount. Even if you are upside down in your trade, have a bad credit score, or filed for bankruptcy.


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