Used Car Salesman playing the Cute Kid card

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail generously urges you to make your down payment with your income tax return. The gentleman , who appears to be the owner of car dealership at 7800 Lomas Blvd NE in Albuquerque, NM, wearing the Rolex watch with his 8 year old daughter at his side urging viewers that they can sign then drive MUST be making a lot of money!

Why? He runs these annoying ads during NFL playoff games. Not everybody can afford to pay for commercials that are aired during high viewer sporting events. Apparently many viewers are drawn in by the way he uses his daughter to make potential buyers drop their guard.

How could this Goatee sporting salesman afford to let you drive off the lot without making a down payment? He probably makes you sign some type of lien on your tax return from IRS while providing proof of your employment with a few pay stubs.

Also, of interest is that he never introduced himself or his little girl. The commercial does disclose that the interest rate or APR is 29.99% which likely indicates he does not run a credit score check. Understand that you will pay more than the value of your car in interest alone if you pay it off over the advertised 34 month term. The fine print on this TV advertisement indicates there is no disposition fee when you return vehicle.

APR interest rates for people with good credit scores are often less than 3% APR(27% less than this risky “sign and drive” sales tactic). So maybe you see how he can afford to let you drive car off lot needing only your signature. Dealership will collect plenty of money in interest in the event that high risk borrowers(that would be you) default on loan.

I wonder if the innocent little girl understands all this?

Albuquerque car salesman using his young daughter to boost sales
Albuquerque car salesman using his young daughter to boost sales



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  1. That cute girl is now begging patrons to get financially reemed with a “sign and drive” commercial that will sometimes play consecutively. I too wonder how many suckers fall for the cute act? Christopher Kennedy must have an opinion on this matter which is right on the margin of making a prositute out of your own daughter.

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