Using health benefits prior to Expiration.


The snail mail advertisement we received today smacks of for profit medicine and a medical industry which is dictated to by insurance companies.

Eastern New Mexico Medical Group wants citizens of Roswell and ranchers in the region to know 2016 insurance deductibles and flexible spending account FSA funds expire December 31 2016.

The ad appears to urge you to schedule doctors’ appointments, tests and elective surgery whether you need it or not. How is having end of year benefits that expire a good thing for the patient? Are surgeons ┬áreally suggesting to schedule surgery prior to the end of the year only because of deductible considerations?

I can see how some potential joint repair or replacement patients might be tempted to schedule surgery before year end in order to avoid having to pay for another expensive deductible in the new year. I know a guy at work who has been limping around with a bad hip for almost two years because he does not trust insurance companies to be fair with how much they pay out on a claim and the endless stream of bills from doctors and health care providers he does not know.



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  1. Read ELISABETH ROSENTHAL article about the nation wide average wait time of 50 minutes to see the doctor that took you two months to schedule an appointment with. Greedy for profit medical care has to be ripped out and replaced with something else. Hopefully president trump will forcefully step in and right this injustice

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