Vehicle Service Contract Fraud


To call this warranty extension fraud might be only mild exaggeration, but this auto warranty notice we received via snail mail still had a few red flags. The intrusion was from a “business” named Auto Service Agency with address 333 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, St Peters Missouri. ¬†They called it a Vehicle Document Notices labeled as Personal and Confidential and a Response to Notice was Requested.

The letter stated: “Our records indicate that you have not contacted us to have your vehicle service contract activated” They should have no records on me since I have never contacted them regarding such a matter. There is also language stating “if your factory warranty has expired…blah blah”. Now doesn’t it seem that if they had records on our cars, that they would KNOW if warranty had expired.

Also, the bogus Auto Service Agency insists that we purchase a service contract for a warranty extension within 5 days for coverage through 2023 without mentioning anything about the price of their platinum package.

A little research uncovered one sucker after another who had been duped into purchasing a package for $499 and then not even being able to contact Auto Service Agency when filing a claim. There was one instance of a $1200 transmission repair/rebuild were not a penny was paid out by these vultures! And yet another that would not cover a costly rear suspension repair. Customers that did get through were passed along from one incompetent phone rep to another.



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