Well My Net Worth IS


The Fisher investment advertisement you see includes the picture of a strikingly handsome GQ actor.  The ad is titled Everything you should know about net worth.

Apparently this is a keep up with the Jones type of ad helping greedy and jealous types one up their peers. Clicking on the advertisement allows one to download a free guide which will help to create a spreadsheet that will accurately calculate ones net worth.

Also it excludes folks with investment portfolios valued less than half a million USD. Seems like very few Americans would click on such a pretentious looking and sounding solicitation.



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  1. Alden Wicker, motivational speaker and financial literacy advisor/consultant, claims it never just about money. If you brush up on your financial skills, you’ll see your social life, romantic life, and family relationships all improve.

    She seems to really be saying if you have money, you will have more friends, lovers and happiness.

    The NYC girl actually suggests that the 100 richest people in world could end poverty. It’s easy to see how somebody’s reasoning could be that distorted being from a place where 80% of the people voted for Hillary. She blames lazy self entitled people having too many kids they can’t take care of on the wealthy. I would question her ability to advise anybody financially with that kind of faulty thinking

  2. Mick Y. Said he made $30,000 in 2 months with OTA. As the Chief Trading Strategist and Instructor at Online Trading Academy, Sam Seiden would NOT be working as a teacher if he really knew how to make money buying and selling stock. He would do it himself!

    Luis B. Banquet coordinator got suckered by chuck Fulkerson as did dr Mehta.

    Don’t fall for their BS OTA power trading workshop. They charge you way too much for their software.

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