Who is the person behind that credit card offer


We received this Chase Freedom credit card offer from a guy named Phil Christian who represents himself as the General Manager of the Chase Freedom credit card company. Now wouldn’t you trust a guy named Phil Christian? We could not find anything on him when we Google searched his name which made us quite suspicious about the authenticity of this credit card promotion.

Most would be fascinated to know that one marketing strategy is to make up a name that sounds trustworthy and dependable. The name Phil Christian certainly fits that criterion despite the travesty of online dating and matchmaking practiced by Christian Mingle. Also a credit card with Freedom in its name should attract all but the most  skeptical members of a population.

You are promised a 15 second decision for this card which has no advertised credit limit. At least, we did not see a credit limit advertised on this snail mail solicitation. It also offers balance transfers which charge zero interest until June 2015 with a 3% balance transfer fee. So if you want to transfer 10000 dollar balance from one of your other cards, you will be charged 300 dollars one time to not be charged any interest until the middle of 2015!

Cautious consumers spend their money on education, exercise and home upgrades and this card pays bonuses in these sectors of consumer spending.

Is Phil Christian of  Chase Freedom a real person
Is Phil Christian of Chase Freedom a real person




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