Why are the last FIVE digits SSN in NES grade Report


The National Evaluation Series is a trademarked product used to allow degreed folks who did not study to be an educator become a licensed teacher. Alternative licensure programs are a way for engineers, accountants, doctors and other professionals to become teachers by enrolling in a 21 hour program.

The various NES tests have a national benchmark passing score of 220 on a scale of 100-300. However that score may be failing depending on a particular state’s standards. The math NES measures proficiency in algebra, operations with numbers, probability and statistics, geometry and measure, and math reasoning word problems.

A significant security oddity is that the PDF grade report on these diagnostic tests list the last five digits of test taker’s social security number.

One has to wonder why the last four digits is not good enough for NES. They display more than half the digits in your SSN on your records for any institution of your choosing to view.

Also a score less than 220 is is considered failing nationally. Potential teachers with a failing status  can retake test as early as 30 days after failed effort.


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  1. The battery of NES exams on math reading comprehension and grammar cost me $100 for all three of them. They told me I failed reading comprehension test with a 210 which is 10 points under the passing score in Mississippi I think. Now I have to pay another $100 in a month to retake. Has anybody heard anything about NES failing teachers intentonally to make more profit?

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