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A vote for Trump takes king sized balls, but grow some if for no other reason than to prove  to the unfairly liberal media that they can not control the minds of sensible conservative minded voters.

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  2. It is in very poor taste to publish someone’s home address on an internet bulletin board.
    (admin: Mr Abalos notifed us that an unscrupulous user of site maliciously posted a comment containing the street address of one of our respected users. We have tried automated scripts to tag and delete hateful commentary to no avail. We only have our Dear readers to scan site assisting with this bothersome matter! Thanks Craig)

    It’s kind of fun posting on your site, giving feedback and such.

    Hope I haven’t over-stayed my welcome.


    1. Mr Abalos,

      My sincere apologies for your address being tastelessly and potentially dangerously posted here. We try to watch out for that, but due to high traffic mean spirited comments filter through. Will remove ASAP. I think there might be more than one Craig Abalos in Roswell, NM. Hmmm….something about that name engenders a talent for writing 🙂

        1. Address removed. We have 4 content writers spread over United States using the pseudonym Jackson Daniels. If you find any other objectionable content, please let us know. One of the writers is going through extremely acrimonious divorce-child custody battle. It may show in some of her rants.

            1. The West Alameda address for Abalos is easy to find at There is no privacy these days anyway, but I understand why you would be pissed about your address being printed here!

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