A Dear Christians Letter from Matt Walsh


So Matt Walsh, who appears to be the sole content writer for The Matt Walsh Blog, opens a Dear Christians missive with Christians say we are a “Christian nation”. Sorry Matt, but not all Christians posit that the USA is a “Christian nation”. A much more agreeable assertion would be some Christians say we are a “Christian nation”. That is much easier to support/prove than your categorical claim.

If by gleefully sacrilegious and anti-Christian, you mean making fun of people who excoriate the ABC Family channel for featuring a drama about biracial lesbian foster parents, then yes, many world citizens would be gleefully sacrilegious and anti-Christian.

Society has always been stuck with characters like you who are convinced they have perfect insight into God’s will. Your position against biracial unions is so easy to refute, very few would waste their breath. Many of us are the progeny of biracial marriages. American military men marry Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese women all the time. Related is a legal same sex marriage in New Mexico between two guys who would make excellent foster parents.

Perhaps you crassly use biracial marriage ONLY in the sense of Blacks marrying Whites? In any event, I would not consider you for any type of speaking engagement given your dogmatic race excluding predisposition.




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  1. Michael Cantrell is a very sensible Bill O’Reilly loving conservative. He seems to be fond of Matt Walsh’s willingness to speak his mind even when it involves Matt exposing his lack of intelligence with his insular and uneducated posts opposing biracial lesbian foster parents. Matt uses the terms biracial and lesbian as though they were pejoratives terms AND I am sure he means them that way.

    Walsh seems unaware that many people are born with ambiguous genitals and a doctor somewhere has to mark them male or female for the purposes of the birth certificate. I doubt Matt ever wondered why there is a Tomboy in every neighborhood.

    I wish Cantrell would use some of his nerdy logic to appeal to Walsh who does know how to create a following. Walsh needs to educate himself with respect to genetics and biology so he can produce more informed and empathetic writing. I do wonder how he became so close minded with respect to marriage and sexuality.

    You can read more of Michael Cantrell’s far right wing output at the ad driven website Young Conservatives. It is an OK site, but overloaded with annoying advertisements and videos.

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