Beware of Job Corps Myths


The post you see below was written at by  Spalladino. The deplorable conditions that Spalladino describe may exist at a small number of Job Corps in the United  States. However, characterizing every Job Corp as a juvenile detention center is hyperbole and extreme misrepresentation. 

He is mistaken on many counts about the conditions at Job Corps, but his most egregious  claim is completely false. Spalladino states that the government has no right to remove his child from his home for the purposes of education and training. If the  parents are shown to be unfit, then the government can remove the child. What do you think Child Protective Services is all about sir? If a family is so destitute and unstable in a manner that threatens the welfare of the children in the household, then the government can intercede and look out for the well-being of the kiddos!

Please understand we are all aware of how impossible it can be to be a great parent in these troubled times, but if a parent proves unfit then somebody needs to step up for the poor kids.

Moreover many kids from a poverty-stricken home choose to enroll in the Job Corps where they get a free education, room and board. Job Corps is a way to free many from the cycle of poverty that is so difficult to break! The vocational training for a trade is self-paced, so a serious student can be employed and earning an income in less than a year! It does not take long to get trained for a trade if one is motivated and has stable employment as a goal.

BTW, the blog maintained by Steve Verdon contains incisive commentary about a variety of social issues. Verdon’s no-nonsense direct style is difficult to imitate and attempts to deliver the straight poop minus all the annoying spin!

Below is a description of the Job Corps program from the Dept. of Labor website. This is not a program where a child comes home every evening, they live there. I am familiar with these juvenile detention facilities disguised as camps and they are dangerous and ugly places. There is violence and intimidation among the students, little supervision and the training is substandard because good teachers do not go there. Even if this program did not have the problems it currently has, I resent the suggestion that the government should have the right to remove my child from my home and place him in a facility to be educated and trained. Whatever happened to my child’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? I also don’t see any mention on the website of offering educational opportunities for these kids at the college level. I guess, like in communist countries, only the select few will be permitted to attend college. Is this the future you want for your child or grandchild? I certainly don’t. Job Corps is a no-cost education and vocational training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16 through 24 get a better job, make more money, and take control of their lives. At Job Corps, students enroll to learn a trade, earn a high school diploma or GED and get help finding a good job. When you join the program, you will be paid a monthly allowance; the longer you stay with the program, the more your allowance will be. Job Corps provides career counseling and transition support to its students for up to 12 months after they graduate from the program. Eligibility To enroll in Job Corps, students must meet the following requirements: Be 16 through 24; Be a U.S. citizen or legal resident; Meet income requirements; and, Be ready, willing, and able to participate fully in an educational environment. Funded by the United States Congress, Job Corps has been training young adults for meaningful careers since 1964. Job Corps is committed to offering all students a safe, drug-free environment where they can take advantage of the resources provided.


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  1. For whatever reason there is a lot of curiosity out there about whether the Job Corps is privately funded . I had a friend who worked there in Roswell,NM when it was managed by Chugach. Chugach is certainly a private company and they were payed by the government to manage and operate the Roswell Job Corps Center.

    I believe they bid and won a contract and managed the place for around a decade. Not too sure about that. They fairly recently lost their contract to COI and Del-Gen who currently manage the Roswell location.

    But to be clear, the Job Corps are privately managed but funded by government money.

  2. There have been a number of questions from grandparents pertaining to dependent status of their grandchildren. It may vary a little from state to state, but here is what I have found:

    For a kid(young adult)to qualify as a dependent child, he must have resided with you more than one half of the year, and be under age 19 or under age 24 if a full-time status at the end of 2013. That is based on the definition of attending school full time for at least part of five calendar months of the year at home or away at school.

    This is partially based on help I got from former employees at Quentin Burdick Job Corps in North Dakota.

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