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The following post comes to us from pissed consumer and details how the practices of Citi Financial OneMain are fraudulent bordering on theft. We receive solicitations from them frequently. One reason the search phrase ” one main financial pre selected certificate ” is so common is that people across the United States have been ripped off by one main financial. Income inequality is a huge problem in the United States and all over the world. Do NOT make it worse by borrowing from loan sharks. Also there is an unconfirmed story of a young woman who got in over her head financially due to various hardships beyond her control. She borrowed from one main based on a pre-selected certificate she received in the mail. After a “very private consultation” , this soon to be Cowboy Cheerleader was relieved of her debt.  Also, it can be a serious headache finding out what your payoff amount is on your loan. You should be able to get your payoff balance online, however a poster at pissed consumer , I believe, wrote that you had to snail mail the request for your payoff amount!  I don’t know why one main makes it so inconvenient for you to completely pay them off. Probably because they won’t make near as much interest off of you!

The high interest rates they exploit  you with hurt you in more than one way. Most families of average means can not afford to pay such exorbitantly high interest rates and when they default on their loan, OneMain will report it to Experian, TU, and Equifax who will insert derogatory entries in your credit history which will LOWER YOUR CREDIT SCORES. Your credit score is a three digit number that can wreck your life in may ways. Potential Employers, insurance companies, home/auto lenders, and landlords(to determine the amount of your security deposit)all have the right to look at  this score to make determinations on whether to hire you, issue insurance, allow you to buy a car or home, qualify to rent an apartment, etc!!

I took a loan from CitiFinacial, now OneMain, in 2007 and was lied to about the interest rate, and other terms of the loan. Each and every month I sent my payment in plenty of time to reach them and each month they posted the payment late and kept most of the payment for interest. Even though I complained I got nowhere. For at least a year now they have each and every month sent me notices saying that I was pre-selected or pre-qualified for a $3,000. loan. After they changed to OneMain I decided to give them a try and went into the Van Nuys office to get the loan the woman I talked to gave me the run a round when she saw the letters and other correspondence from me to them about the problems I had had with them. She kept wanting more things and promised she would call the next day”. She didn’t’. When I called after that she was not there or with a client!. One day I asked to speak to the manager and first was told she wasn’t there and then that she was with a customer/. After more than a week I went on line and found a reputable company, who gave me a loan at a lower interest rate than I had started with at Citi/One Main, and a shorter pay off date:. I just returned a little while ago from paying off Citi/OneMain and this time the girl who I had first spoken to said I “just didn’t qualify for a loan”!. She could not explain why I did not qualify even though I kept getting letters from them saying I was pre-qualified!.

To clarify my original complaint. At first I mailed the payments, and when I saw that they were screwing with me about when they received them I started to send them return receipt so that I would know when the payment reached them. That didn’t help so I went each and every month as soon as I received the payment notice to their office and paid them in their office. One time I had cash and they would not take it, pissed me off, so I cussed them out and they called the Burbank police on me. When the police came they sided with me, but told me to take them a money order so I did that. Even though they are now paid off I still continue, even though thereto I asked to be removed, to receive their loan offers.


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  1. We get pre selected certificates from these guys in the mail all the time for loans up to $6000! One thing is for sure, no matter how bad off you are before you borrow from Citi Financial OneMain, you will be MUCH worse off financially after you take out a loan with these loan sharks. Don’t do it. Put them out of business by NOT giving them your business.

    Cut down on your spending somehow but do not borrow from them. A guy down the road went into a suicidal depression while trying to pay these people off. They are all smiles when trying to get u to sign on the dotted line, but will harass you and screw up your credit score if you are so much as a few days late on payment. And, of course, they will slam the hell out of you on the interest rates.

    1. I hear you brother and I have story about a bud of mine in Chicago dealing with those loan sharks that will make yours look like nothing. They set up his account where he could not pay online or even on the phone! They kept calling him until he thought he was going nuts!

      Every month I send payment on time to Citifinancial, and every month they can’t find it and I have to deal with their harassing phone calls. For some *** reason, they have my account set up so that I can’t pay online or by phone, so I have to rely on snail mail,. One month, they found my payment two weeks after its due date under someone’s keyboard.. Another month, they got my payment and called to ask what to do with it?. In a deadpan voice, I advised them to pay attention to the coupon I had included with my payment that THEY had sent me,. Talking to them on the phone is like talking to a wall?. Now, I refuse to answer their calls anymore:. Today alone they have called me sixteen times:. Sixteen times in four hours! I have been trying to borrow the money to pay them off so that they can be out of my life completely

  2. did anyone pay off their loan early and if so what happened? one main took me to court for not making my payments, which I was and continue to and I haven’t received a statement for 4 months. can anyone tell me whats going on?

    1. TJ,

      Sorry to hear about your issues with One Main. How were you making your payment? I hope by check or debit card in which case you will have verifiable documentation that you paid them. If you were making cash payments, Citifinancial should have given you a cash receipt. If they did not give you a cash receipt, then it gets down to your word versus their word and becomes a credibility evaluation in a court of law.

      In the future, I encourage you not to borrow from these payday loan people. Plain Green is another pay day loan predator that charges unethically high interest rates.

      Good luck bro or sis

    2. Dude,

      I would be damned careful about paying off those loan sharks with cash! They do not pay their employees that well. Most of them do not give a crap about their jobs and were already looking for another job they day they started!

      Here is what could have gone down with you. You pay them a cash payment to pay down on your loan right?? The person who takes your money can give you a receipt, but that does not mean they updated the system to show you had paid down the loan.

      So as far as one main knows you are not paying and the employee who probably quit or got fired months ago has your hard earned money. I doubt that one main is scummy enough to take your money and then sue you in court to boot!

      I don’t know that is what happened to you…..just trying to figure it out…just saying

    3. I made cash payment to them. Did not get receipt of it. Then they said I never made payment later on. Lady told me computer network was not working. Not my fault. I am pissed!

  3. I think your post is too much against pay day loan places like one main. These type of lending businesses fill a niche and are obviously very much needed or you would not see them in many shopping centers and all over main streets in small towns.

    A friend in Houston borrowed from them and he did get reamed on the interest rate, but it got him out of a huge financial jam he was in due to medical problems and the fact that him and his wife got laid off around the same time!

    If places like Citi Bank and one main and plain green were not around, my buddy would have had to sold drugs or rob a bank. One main also helps out small town America. A lot of the towns in east Texas like Corsicana, Trinidad, Athens, Kerens, and even Tyler have been helped out by the presence of one main citifinancial. We all get that the interest are sky high, but what in the hell are you gonna do dude??

    Another friend who is a travelling nurse and has been struggling has gotten help in Waterville, Me Athens, GA Saraland, Al Cullman, Al Sioux City, Iowa Rhinelander WI …..

    You need to lighten up on your pay day loan bashing. Some people have dug very deep holes……Life sucks….that is the way it goes!!

    1. Lowe’s will not disclose what credit score they require in order to issue you credit. I know they look at more than just your credit score such as employment history, bankruptcies filed, foreclosures, etc.
      I believe places like Home Depot, Costco, sam’s don’t require as high a credit score as for a home mortgage. This is based on experience with places in Dallas.

  4. A lot of people are wondering if they can sue one main financial for phone harassment. So the question becomes why would one main be harassing you with phone calls? The answer is you’re not paying one Main what you owe them. You’re lucky you’re not getting thrown in debtors prison. Be responsible and pay them back. It is lowlifes like you that responsible taxpayers have to support! If you overspend then you have to suffer the consequences of being harassed by one main! Grow up you punks quit expecting the rest of the world to take care of you!!

    1. Adding to what you said OneMain can and will sue you if you do not pay them. There are plenty of no account lowlifes who try to get away with not paying them back. They deserved to be hassled and taken to court for shirking their responsibility.

        1. Are you talking about onemain or the people onemain is lending money too? Just listen to what this guy in Lincoln,Nebraska(people at 4848 van dorn address act friendly first time, but do NOT borrow a penny from them!! You will regret!) is going through:

          I have turned all my bills over to a program, for people like myself who spent more money than they had, who I make one payment to and they distribute that payment out to all my bill collectors.The company said if I get all the fax numbers to the bill collectors they would fax them the information and get them to stop calling.

          OneMain Financial still calls ALL THE TIME and they ignore anything I have to say to them about the other company. I complain to that company and they say they will get it taken care of but THEY STILL KEEP CALLING! it’s very stressful!(I could have avoided all that stress by not overspending to begin with)

          I needed a loan fast and they are very happy to give people loans because their charges are extremely high.

          I asked for $2,000 and they gave me $3,000 saying it would make the charges lower.WHAT???

  5. If your are bankrupt, OneMain does not really care. You will get temporary relief from their bankruptcy department, but eventually what you owe them will come out of your pocket, your wife’s pocket, or deducted from your next jobs paycheck. Remember you signed on the dotted line, so you do owe them! I have heard they will even garnish your social security check if you have not settled up with them by retirement. There is a website named Christopher something, I believe, that specializes in bankruptcies associated with predatory lenders. Go to Rip Off Report site to get exact URL.

    1. OneMain will come after you if you do not pay them back. Why shouldn’t they? Read what Courtney Ramirez says at Life123. Wouldn’t you try and collect if somebody stiffed you on a loan? If you can not afford to pay it back, then do NOT borrow the money!

      The onemain in Norfolk,va went after my ex husband because the scoundrel owed them $1500. He never paid. Now he can not buy anything on credit and lives at a very low standard. He got what he deserved. Not onemain’s fault.

      1. Onemain came to my home and knocked on the door to collect what I owe them. They said they would take my car and could place lien on my home that could possibly lead to foreclosure or kicking me out or eviction. I borrowed too much and can’t pay them back….oh god what am I gonna do??!

        1. Winston, OneMain did not come to YOUR home. They probably came to a home that you are mortgaging and 6 months behind on your payments!! You dont own the home, the bank or lender owns the home. You are probably way behind on all your monthly payments and delinquent on all your credit cards. Your next step will be pay day loans.
          Grow up and learn how to be more responsible with your spending.

  6. A very common question is “Am I approved if I receive a pre-selected check from One Main?” The answer is NO. OneMain Financial is very sneaky and deceptive in this regard. OneMain will still run a credit check/history on you and ONLY then will you know whether you can write a check issued by them.

    Another very frequently asked question is “What do I tell harassing loan sharks who calls alot?”
    If you owe the “loan shark” money, then they can call you until some resolution is made on a payment plan. Remember you do owe them the money! If you do NOT owe them money, then there are plenty of legal remedies to make the loan shark quit calling you. Someone who continually calls you knowing that you do not want to communicate with them, is subject to harassment prosecution.

  7. Citifinancial or onemain will take you to court if you Refuse to pay back your debt to them. One thing to remember is that they will often settle for much less than you owe them out of court. For example if you owe them $1000 they may accept as little as $200 without going to court or mediation. Make sure you get it in writing that the $200 will pay off the loan.
    Finally don’t be too proud of yourself for shirking the responsibility of the money you owe them. They did lend you the money in good faith and your unethical financial behavior is PATHETIC. Grow up and set a good example for your kids.

  8. Can one main financial garnish wages? This was researched by an investigative reporter in Dallas or Fort Worth I believe. If one main can prove you can pay back what you owe them And that you’re just holding out on paying them, then they Can initiate legal proceedings to garnish money from your paycheck.

    Lenders should be able to garnish wages as otherwise, knuckleheads would borrow in excess not fearing any sort of punishment.

  9. Some elderly folks living off their fixed income social security checks want to know if OneMain can garnish this precious money.
    The answer is generally NO based on the law that if a creditor other than the federal government tries to garnish your Social Security benefits, you have the right to inform them that such an action violates Section 207 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 407).

    Understand that some creditors may not know or pretend they do not know about the Social Security act so be sure that you inform them immediately if they try to seize or garnish your your social security income.

    Hopefully information like this will make you much more reluctant to borrow from entities like one main in the future. Be sure and not give OneMain your account information so as to prevent them from wiring your debt to them out of your bank account to them.

  10. Those of you defending these banks and companies, judging people that are venting about ridiculous interest rates, garnishments and harrassment, sound like fools! … Ok, I get it! Yes, You should pay back what you borrow or use and what you agreed to, but s**t does happen and life can and is bound to change at any given time for any of us!! Honestly, most financial institutions are crooks and thieves, have hidden agendas and mainly prey on people in desparate need of cash and not so perfect credit. Some are just worst than others and disquise themselves a little better!….
    I betcha you’ll be singing a different tune if your creditor was trying to rob you or you had any kind of financial hardship and creditors was harrassing you, trying to garnish, or charging crazy rates… Just because you dont have financial problems or credit issues “AT THE MOMENT” doesnt give you the right to make someone out to be irresponsible or some kind of delinquent

    1. No Hanah, you don’t get it and you are easy enough to read. You borrowed frequently from a pay day loan place and have lived to regret it. Notwithstanding a catastrophic health event, you irresponsibly overspent and are now stuck with unmanageable debt and interest payments. Advice: just don’t pay back unfair medical bills,BUT in the future don’t charge that extra pair of shoes,vacation, or nice restaurant to credit card OR you will end up like, well, the way you have. Fair enough don’t you think, overspend and and you live with the consequences like moving into cheap apartment in unsafe neighborhood and only if you can pass credit check.

  11. Hi Greg,

    Payday loans only help lenders like yourself who charge exorbitant rates and try to get free advertising by dropping your web address into comment threads like this.

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