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The following is a post titled Restroom Spanking from a Forum at No, this is not about what happens to horny cocktail waitresses on their smoke break at work. This short post raises some important questions about how to , or if you should even, discipline your children in public.

Related to this important question, is how much do you trust teachers at your children’s school with regard to spanking and disciplining in general? It used to be that many recognized the value of having the “whole village” be involved in the rearing of your offspring. Not so sure that view is prevalent nowadays.

Have you ever given a spanking in a public restroom and if so, has anyone ever said anything to you once you came out with a crying child who has obviously just been spanked? I’ve not done it, but I have said I would to my dad, but never needed to. Should a public restroom spanking be different from one given at home? There is spanking to discipline your child and then there is the more mature type of spanking practiced by consenting adults involving tight spandex.


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  1. at raises the question that has been quite popular of late: Should parents spank their children publicly for disciplinary reasons or should these actions be confined to a more private location?

    We were at a social event in a huge park on a hot day and saw an overweight, irritable father spanking his daughter. One of the party goers said the father had been out of work for over a year and had been behaving erratically and his wife had moved out. One of the men in group knew that the dad was a stepfather. The girl that was being spanked is a cheerleader at a middle school and very mature for her age.

    We got closer and both the step dad and the daughter seemed to be enjoying it! From a distance, what sounded to be screams of anguish were actually orgasmic yelps reminiscent of the sounds Monica Seles made striking a tennis ball!

    We could not believe what we were seeing about the time a crowd control officer showed up and put a halt to it. The officer just told the man to stop and to leave the park. He did not pick up that the spanking was sexual. I only wish we had thought to take pictures or video so we could have turned the perverted step father into the law!

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