Truth Versus SEO


The following reply to a post written by Malcolm Coles pretty much gets to the pith of why anybody publishes anything on the World Wide Web. Malcolm Coles is a Content Strategist out of the UK. The post or article he wrote titled Why you shouldn’t use Google’s keyword tool for SEO created a ton of buzz! For you internet neophytes, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Freud, the pen name of the gentleman replying, politely calls out  Malcolm Coles for writing a controversial article in order to drive up his page views and his Click Through Rate (CTR) all towards raking in that cherished ad revenue promised by Google.

As Freud suggests, the veracity and accuracy of the article is not nearly as important as chasing after an elevated number of page impressions like the Triond prostitutes do. The corollary to this is that a boring but truth-seeking article would not be profitable so who cares about the truth. Web surfers, of course, have to be especially careful about trusting the voluminous amount of content out there.

Also, I would expect Freud to concur with the view that the human presence on this planet has all the characteristics of an infestation. Moreover, scarcity of resources and evolution have a way of taking care of populations and maintaining a “proper balance”.


Not really sure I agree with the main article, some of the points raised are fair. Google is an authoritive body within the world of search (slowly being taken over by facebook) the number crunching is human intervention based on human searches. There isn’t a human responding to each and every query made on their reporting tools! How can google selectively spit results out to be in their favour? Think about it, it’s counterintuitive to their entire model of bidding. They may not be transparent in how their SERPs algos work but their bidding for CPC is transparent enough to provide accurate ‘historical’ data for future predictions.

This articel like so many others of its kind are nice long tail pullers to enhance traffic for adsense! Yes No? ( A big fat affirmative Mr. Freud! ) We are all prostitutes to some extent.

Love peace and hope that this planet survives the presence of humans!


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  1. Your post title is a little Naive. Who cares about the truth dude?? All advertisers want is page views to create all sorts of temptations for users to click revenue generating ads!! I am surprised somebody did not figure out what Google is doing much sooner than it happened.
    I don’t think Malcolm Coles is in the content strategy business anymore. It is rather difficult to determine what constitutes good content these days. It is more guided by random whim than anything else in my opinion.

    1. “They” (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries to 32 words. They happened to be the 33rd word in my search string. Let it be known that Google only searches on the first 32 words you type in. I don’t blame them. That would have to be a lot of overhead on their search algorithm to do searches that exceeded 32 works. Will be interesting to see if Bing tries to leverage this by offering searches as long as the user wants.

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