Who/What is really behind the Paula Deen Assassination


How many of us raised in the forties and fifties have used the N-Word epithet when we read about a burglary or a black man raping a white woman? Also had it been a white man who had committed the same crimes, wouldn’t we have came up with an equally offensive name that maybe did not suggest Caucasian ethnicity?

Paula Deen grew up in the deep south where the N-Word and boy were interchangeable terms not always intended to be hateful or mean-spirited. Had she not admitted using the derogatory term, none of the high drama about her being disowned by corporate America would have come about.

Kevin Fallon can fill you in on much of the exact context and details regarding when, why, and how Paula Deen used the N Word, but I think she used in privately with no malice or mean-spirited intentions. If I was her, I would pack it up and live a quiet life with all the money she had made showing people how to cook. She is still winning despite adversaries like Anthony Bourdain who attacked her on a completely different front going after the unhealthy non heart-friendly way she prepares her food.

Remember, all you people who are judging her; do not hold her to a higher standard than you hold yourself. After all, aren’t you the same people who did not report a lot of income to the IRS or who lied about how fast you were really going when you got a speeding ticket or ran up a lot of credit card debt with no intentions of paying it back or cheated in college to pass algebra or physics to get that degree??

Why don’t you ask a black person what they really think about the media blitz against Paula Deen? I am not talking about a straight-haired, Obama type diction black man who has sold out to White America. Ask a real live non Uncle Tom black citizen if they feel any spite or contempt were in Paula Deen’s words.


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