Will Wind Turbines Eventually leave all that Black Gold Underground?


Craig Abalos writes a thoughtful and fairly well-researched open letter column in the Roswell, NM USA Daily Record which I usually read online from different spots in the World/US. Today I got my hands on a hard copy where Mr Abalos assertively predicts the replacement of fossil fuel with solar/wind power.

In my view, the Roswell activist leans towards Q on the Quixotic-Practical Scale. He has a view of the world the way he wants it to be. Hell, we are all that way aren’t we?

I thought his analogy, of how horses were replaced by cars(if not, Horse Manure Crisis in late 19th century would have literally buried NYC!) being similar to wind power leaving all the black gold in the ground, was somewhat convincing, but not without holes. I would ask Craig to read some of the criticisms, listed as Cons, of wind energy in an article by Murrye Bernard. Also, an electrical engineer friend told me that the current limits of our “grid technology” could only accept around 10% of its energy from wind/solar sources. I could be wrong about my understanding of his claim, but innovation in wind/solar direction could wipe out that limitation anyway.



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  1. The piece by Richard Heinberg addresses the claim by Stanford academic Mark Jacobson that USA can go 100% solar-wind-hydro energy.

    I think Mr Abalos should apply for internship under Jacobson. Craig is a misplaced liberal as it stands. He would fit right in with all those pie in the sky “thinkers” in California.

    Read up on Jacobson to discover he is a dreamer who wants the world to be a certain way and creates bad science to support his yearnings.

    1. Abalos whined that he is stuck in a “dinky town 100 miles from nowhere”.

      So Craig, who is forcing you to stay here? You are a crybaby liberal who thinks the government should take care of you. Hall your complaining UBI ass to Santa Fe and do your wacky tabaccy crying with the Hillary supporters there. You are way outnumbered here boy!

      1. Somebody named Craig Abalos tweeted “This SOB should be flogged. He’s literally saying no progressive politics should exist beyond the walls of the @DNC.”

        Mr Abalos wanted to flog a gentleman who did not favor Bernie Sanders presidential election campaign. Look Craig not everybody deserves free college tuition. If you can afford to send your kid to college then go for it, otherwise don’t beg the government to pay for it!!!

        1. Apparently Mr Abalos has extreme contempt for State Senator candidate Mick Rich. It makes sense that Craig does not like an honest politician like Rich who is working man’s advocate. Abalos does not work and favors policies like UBI which is a program for lazy people. I knew Mick in Oakland, California. He walked the walk as a blue collar worker on the drainage pond at Airport. His wife would sometimes bring him lunch. She had a nice ass. Mick will champion policies for hard working men because he has done it! Abalos bellyaches too much! “Wallow in obscurity, Mick. It’s what you deserve. You are a self-serving opportunist and the last thing New Mexico needs in office.”

      2. Did Craig quit writing for Roswell newspaper or was it an editorial decision to gag the extreme left wing windbag?

        Donald Trump’s tax bill will raise Abalos’s income tax from 10% to 12%. About time poor people started paying their fair share of tax burden.

        Urban intellectual trapped in the wasteland of rural dumb-fuckery.

        Based on Craig’s drunken stupor(grass induced) tweet, he can’t even afford to move outa Roswell. Another Hippie “self proclaimed intellectual” who can’t support himself. Look for him to write about how tax reform bill will ravage Alaskan environment.

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