Will Wind Turbines Eventually leave all that Black Gold Underground?


Craig Abalos writes a thoughtful and fairly well-researched open letter column in the Roswell, NM USA Daily Record which I usually read online from different spots in the World/US. Today I got my hands on a hard copy where Mr Abalos assertively predicts the replacement of fossil fuel with solar/wind power.

In my view, the Roswell activist leans towards Q on the Quixotic-Practical Scale. He has a view of the world the way he wants it to be. Hell, we are all that way aren’t we?

I thought his analogy, of how horses were replaced by cars(if not, Horse Manure Crisis in late 19th century would have literally buried NYC!)¬†being similar to wind power leaving all the black gold in the ground, was somewhat convincing, but not without holes. I would ask Craig to read some of the criticisms, listed as Cons, of wind energy in an article by¬†Murrye Bernard. Also, an electrical engineer friend told me that the current limits of our “grid technology” could only accept around 10% of its energy from wind/solar sources. I could be wrong about my understanding of his claim, but innovation in wind/solar direction could wipe out that limitation anyway.



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  1. The piece by Richard Heinberg addresses the claim by Stanford academic Mark Jacobson that USA can go 100% solar-wind-hydro energy.

    I think Mr Abalos should apply for internship under Jacobson. Craig is a misplaced liberal as it stands. He would fit right in with all those pie in the sky “thinkers” in California.

    Read up on Jacobson to discover he is a dreamer who wants the world to be a certain way and creates bad science to support his yearnings.

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