William Cottrell’s Warped Actions


What became of the Cal Tech student way back in 2004 for attempting to destroy 100 SUVs because they used too much gasoline? The accused arsonist and vandal, William Cottrell, thought he was saving our Green Earth. I do understand how growing up in Los Angeles would derange an intelligent person to to the point of insanity.

His destructive rampage was allegedly a protest attack supporting a radical environmentalist movement against the gas-guzzling vehicles. The Judge Gary Klausner did not allow a defense based upon the medical claim that Cottrell was afflicted with Asperger syndrome. Oddly, around one decade later, a psychiatrist named G. Dick Miller created a disease called affluenza with got Ethan Couch off with a light sentence for something far less severe than Aspergers!

Cottrell and his accomplices tossed Molotov cocktails into some of
the cars, spray-painting others with such slogans as “GREEDY LITTLE
PIG,” “FAT, LAZY AMERICANS” and “ELF(Earth Liberation Front),” the indictment charges.
He is also was accused of sending threatening e-mails to the Los Angeles Times
claiming responsibility on behalf of the radical environmental group
Earth Liberation Front.


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