Depressed Reality TV Person


I admired Courtney Stodden for sharing her depression with American public on TV program The Drs. She married 50 year old man when she was 16 and was famous for some reason.

Courtney appears to hide in the all too common victim category when she blames her mother for “signing off on her marriage” to a man more than THREE times her age!

The primary problem is the fake nature of her fame which she “achieved” via the bogus genre of reality TV. Her mom appears to be a gold digger who was hoping to cash in on undeserved Hollywood stardom. Courtney would get some much needed therapy by reading a work of an author who earned her fame. Sylvia Plath, author of The Bell Jar, was a Pulitzer Prize winning poet who wrote about clinical depression in an elightening way. She took her own life in London by inserting her head in an oven while her children slumbered nearby. One of her sons also succumbed to suicide later on.

What 16 year old would not be afflicted with severe anxiety after such an unnatural and unearned station in life? Working class people don’t have time for worries and concerns of somebody who tried to get rich in Tinseltown.


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