DWI Recovery Court


I was a little shocked to realize a DWI Recovery Court was even a thing! Alcohol abuse is a particularly acute problem in New Mexico USA. The extremely liberal judge of the court posits that throwing an addict into jail serves no rehab function.

Alcoholism is known to be an adaptive coping mechanism and incarceration can only add to the trauma that ultimately leads to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

The judge proudly points out that only one out of the 282 DWI Recovery Court graduates had a relapse. One helluva good recidivism rate for drug recovery courts.

Congratulations to the Honorary Wall of graduates including Ahmed Mahad, Stanley Yazzie, Sara Duquette, Jerome Timlin, Raymond Sisneros, Cristerna Sanchez, Jamie Robinson, Anthony Avila, Dale Riley, Joseph Pacheco


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  1. Jennifer Bianchi, who looks like a drug addict, is encouraging her addict friend tanner to sue city of Albuquerque for her still born baby in jail house!

    Another example of unaccountable, incorrigible, lazy people trying to make a buck. Substance addicts miscarry all the time. Not the fault of prison doctors!

    Shawna Tanner, a high risk personality, is filing lawsuit against doctor Timothy McMurray, R.N. Adriana Luna, Audrey Leber, Taileigh Sanchez, Elisa Manquero, correct care solutions, LLC.

    Low credibility meth heads should lose the majority of these types of frivolous lawsuits.

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