Gas pump credit card swiper permanently Down


The credit card reader was not working  on the gas pump you see in the picture.  On this cold day in early January, customers at this Conoco gas station truck stop had to walk inside  to face long lines to either hand over their credit card or driver’s license if they were cash paying, ALONG with pump number which most people did not know!!

The attendant at the run down Vaughn NM establishment across from Penny’s Diner 95 miles north of Roswell  said credit cards were disabled outside to combat skimming. The truth, in this place that has curtain in lieu of a restroom door, is they  are deceptively trying to increase foot traffic.

The ploy did work with me as we filled up at the Allsups in Vaughn on the way back from Albuquerque.

This is their credit card itemization entry: LALOS CASH & CARRY NM VAUGHN

Gas pump in Vaughn NM USA not credit card ready


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