Give the Boys with Freshly Cut Shingle a Chance


The only group of people I know who would be sincerely disappointed two personal injury lawyers are moving to a relatively small town would be the established PI lawyers who have had their shingles out for awhile.

Why do I say that? The citizens of a small town deserve the same choice and selection as residents of a large town when it comes to finding a lawyer who will give them the best possible representation if they have been rear-ended in auto accident, survived a botched surgery, or injured on one of the many backyard trampolines in Roswell, NM USA. I was reading that next door neighbors have actually resorted to litigation when their kid was hurt bouncing around.

Some of my old buddies in Houston, TX called PI attorneys ambulance chasers, Blackstone Lawyers, country, latrine, and Philadelphia lawyers. I never knew why my pards had such a negative view, but the only time I retained the services of a PI lawyer, they got me a lot of money in a workplace discrimination suit. They got 30%, if I recall, and I got the rest which is a lot more than I would have got if I had been my own legal counsel!

My daughter, who lives in Roswell, sent me this local newspaper ad welcoming Josh and Jeremy Worley(either brother/brother or father/son it appears) to town. This duo also specialize in Auto/Truck  accidents and Social Security Disability claims. She asked me to review their credentials and I found nothing that would dissuade me from giving them a try.

I wish this duo the best of luck as my daughter did not have a pleasant experience with the Chaves county attorney she retained to defend her from some workplace bullying issues.



Two pi lawyers with same last name setting up shop in alien city


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  1. These two new upstarts will have to compete with BJ Crow who has great reputation for honesty and not taking your money unless he believes your case has merit and is winnable. Crow and the firm he works for has made employers in Roswell not even THINK of treating Mexicans in a racist sort of way.

  2. Just watched TV commercial advertising PI law firm in Albuquerque. Had fake call center with no empty seats and around 12 people all feverishly engaged in phone conversations with what they were hoping viewers would believe were real accident victims. Hope people are not stupid enough to fall for Szantho‘s deceptive ruse

    You need a determined(determined to collect half the monetary value of legal settlement) disciplined attorney who can help you Recover from your injury and pain.

    1. Our daughter got bit by our neighbor’s dog. We had video of the biting, but neighbor’s said that was not proof due to the quality of video. Andras Szantho of the Szantho Law Firm assured us it was an easy win.

      After 6 months of hell and delay tactics, it was a wash. All the costs we had were as much as the crap settlement we got after the Law Firm got its cut!! IT WAS AN EASY WIN FOR THE ATTORNEYS. WE GOT SCREWED!!!!!

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