Helping the Homeless via Bitcoin


There have been many struggles finding a suitable homeless shelter in Roswell NM USA. Various venues have been considered but none have been approved as of this writing.

Bitcoin has made a difference due to its ease of use AND has seen over $200 arrive at the following address 1MJTcndnaLFFBViecMoDvLmfPkeKffUty1 from donors who insist on the condition of anonymity which BTC naturally provides.

Jesse Angle states “It’s a lot less embarrassing,” to use the app  Bitcoin Tapper because he is less likely to get in trouble with the law for panhandling in Pensacola.

The homeless in Alien City have to sign a commitment indicating they want to find gainful employment before they can benefit from the funds that are accumulating at bitcoin address:  1MJTcndnaLFFBViecMoDvLmfPkeKffUty1 

Rest assured any BTC you send will be distributed only to the homless who are sincere about getting back on their feet.



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  1. May I ask the admins of this site how many writers here use Jackson Daniels as their name? The reason I want to know is that there are at least three articles here that are highly critical of the plight of the homeless. This post is at least an attempt to funnel much needed cash to the poor homeless people during this windy cold weather!

    Craig Abalos, who should follow Clinton Greathouse at Twitter, favors the legal recreational use of marijuana. Its up to Chaves County Commissioners to come up with a way to bypass the County Extraterritorial Zoning Authority if Craig will be allowed to be legally high!

    1. Hi Craig,

      I follow you on the web and have read that you call yourself an “Urban intellectual” trapped in Roswell. How is it that you are stuck in RURAL Roswell? Do you not have the means to move out of here? Part of an intellectual’s talent is can he create the means to move away from an environment that he dislikes, or in your case, appears to HATE. Since you are still here complaining about no legal weed or UBI, I seriously doubt you are as smart as you think you are.
      God bless you and I hope you find your way and enjoy your Senior years.

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