Landlord Complaining about Tenant Friendly Laws


One of my many New Mexico cousins was employed by Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) under the able and competent leadership of  Director Thomas J. Walters. She could not find suitable, safe, or clean rental properties near the FLETC venue in Artesia, so she looked to the north in Roswell.

Cuz did find some acceptable places, but was shocked at the sky high prices. She had me read over the agreement she had to sign with landlord Marilyn Montano. There was nothing out of place about the lease and she signed on the dotted line. There ended up being issues with the hot water and cold air coming in from poorly installed windows. Some of the doors in the dwelling did not latch properly and the landlord did not put in deadbolt or anything to remedy the security problem.

The landlord insisted that Cuz pay her rent on time, but did nothing to improved the poorly maintained rental property.  The same landlord wrote in the local newspaper that the SYSTEM IS UNFAIR TO LANDLORDS. I guess that makes everything even, since many landlords are unfair to tenants. Cuz has some friends who live in a rental property on La Jolla lane. They have had serious difficulties with an uncompromising landlord and have considered litigation in small claims court.

My beloved cousin moved to Roswell a few months before Spring River Luxury Apartment Homes started leasing. Unfortunate timing, but at least many of Roswell’s unethical landords will feel the pinch of a high quality apartment complex!!


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  1. I believe there is a landlord on La Jolla renting out to a bunch of nurses where there have been a number of complaints about maintenance NOT BEING PERFORMED and an invalid contract being enforced. The high end apartments near the Spring River Nancy Lopez Golf course should put many sheyster landlords in the hole.

    Joseph Mallozzi wrote about landlord tenant relations and how to expose an immoral landlord

    1. The name of the landlord you are pissed off at is probably Julie Waltmire. She is not fair and I just hope a lot of potential tenants read this so THEY WILL NOT RENT FROM HER!!

      She is a fake Christian and trys to use that against you. She never fixes anything and charges way TOO MUCH FOR RENT. Dont let her rip you off!!!!!!!

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