Mayoral candidate Promising the Impossible


We found this mayoral campaign ad hanging on the front door of one our rental properties. She is campaigning on the impossible promise of making alien city safe and prosperous.

The black female candidate never took politics 101 which states don’t make unachievable or unrealistic covenants with the people who have the power to vote you into office.

Roswell will always be a poor and dangerous town with multiple DWI and shoplifting offenders. Intelligent voters know you are biting off much more than you can chew Miss Mackey. Let’s hope you are not making these pie in the sky promises just to get elected and push through some hidden agenda.

Natasha Mackey for mayor Roswell NM


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  1. Natasha knows how the game is played. Obama got elected by just talking about “needed change”. Mackey wants to use property tax to pay for homeless shelters. In other words, she wants the workers to pay for those who choose not to work.

    Her Global Ministries Faith Based Corporation will get some free advertising whether she beats out Dennis and Del or not. She does have a beautiful singing voice!

  2. We will vote for incumbent Dennis Kintigh. He knocked on our front door in poor “crime infested” Southeast part of town. He kissed our babies head! Mackey does not have experience. Also Dell Jurney is born again Christian who loves Jesus too much. Loving Jesus won’t reopen Cahoon Park pool or build homeless shelter for poor people.

    Dennis and Rick Kraft both love The Rolling Stones. That’s enough to get our vote! Rick Kraft is an openly proud Michael Jackson fan. I bet Rick can moonwalk.

    Also what about that proud black woman, who is a special ed teacher at University High School, running for city council motivated highly by that math teacher with pipes who is running for mayor!!!!!?

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