NBA coach chewing ass on national TV


The San Antonio Spurs coach is seen below excoriating one of his young players on national TV for failing to cover Trevor Ariza .

I never would have taken this round ball coach for a liberal Hilary Clinton supporter, but he did label our President as a soulless coward!

The rookie guard he was disciplining dated white girls primarily in college and seemed cool with the coaches very direct criticisms of his ineptitude.

Greg Popovich chewing out player for missed defensive assignment


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  1. Look man, the San Antonio coach was just giving some tough love to Dejounte Murray! We go all the way back to Rainier Beach High School and that boy has a good attitude and is easy to coach. Rookies make mistakes. Pop knows that!! Chill Bro!

  2. This reminds me of Joe Vardon article where Tyronn Lue told rookie Kay Felder to not look to the bench every time he was confused on the court.

    I remember the Cleveland coach as the talentless guard that always held Allen Iverson.

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