Nonprofit Cemetery Southeast New Mexico USA


Look for Anderson-Bethany Funeral Home and Crematory, Ballard Funeral Home, and LaGrone Funeral Chapel to all voice their opposition to the nonprofit burial site on the private property of a Hagerman NM couple. These three funeral parlors operate out of Roswell, but likely provide their services to surrounding region. Also funeral cost insurance vultures will be pissed off about this.


Hagerman NM couple - free cemetery on their property

Their charitable cemetery, called Broken Hill Cemetery, has been approved by Chaves County Board of Commissioners. Joe Steed, a neighbor of Leo and Audrey Whitten, turned in a written objection to having the deceased interred adjacent to his property.

Audrey ,who will engrave the headstones for free, states that hubby Leo was acting based on multiple conversations with God. Leo said that God, who does not pay the property tax on his 15. Acres, is the true owner of the land. Based on Leo’s biblical beard in the picture, who could doubt his saintly assertion?

The three cross cemetery, which can be seen from Jicarilla Road, will bury all decedents within 24 hours making embalming unnecessary. Green burials are the natural enemies of formaldehyde producers.


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  1. The high drug addiction levels in Roswell New Mexico make overdose deaths more common. An addicts family already is in financial trouble, so a free burial is a great thing for this region! Way to go Hagerman. Glad you have caring and compassionate citizens like Leo Whitten and his wife!!! Even though Ballard funeral home wants that business, the families of the decedents do NOT want that COST!!!!!

  2. California businessman Henry Mayhew wants to buy or manage Memory Lawn Cemetery on east 19th street. He says he is more interested in earning revenues(making a profit) than setting up a fund that will settle grievances that folks like plaintiff Joan Park have with the poorly maintained burial ground. Park and others filed lawsuit against Avidlo LLC. Owners Allen and Vivian Drake used cemetery funds for their own personal gain before filing bankruptcy.

    Robert Corn would do well to determine true motives of California for profit businessman who went to NMMI and has loved ones buried there.

    1. Lawyer Bruce Voss helped turn Mayhew’s sentimental interests in Cemetery where his father is buried into profit motives in the form Roswell International Products LLC.

      Nice way to honor the memory of Dad Henry by chasing after the almighty DOLLAR. Ophthalmologist Dr Paul Engstrom got a sweet deal on 5 acres. Jay Berglind is training to be groundskeeper

      1. Jay provided either expert witness testimony or produced exhibits in a low profile court case involving National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc. I knew a guy in Odessa TX USA who almost made living being an expert witness in legal proceedings dealing with measuring oil and gas at well heads. Even small change in control devices or measuring equipment can favor the buyer or seller, so its a bit deal!!!

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