Pre-Marital Financial Planning Classes


The advice of  Michelle Singletary regarding  the marriage fragmenting nature of money is too easy. She says avoiding financial strain is as simple as a couple taking a premarital class together to uncover any  issues prior to exchanging nuptials.

Right Michelle, like eager to marry people are going to disclose all their pre marriage  debt or share hard copies of their credit reports?! In most cases, it is the woman who is an inordinate spender with horrible credit history and credit score. However, men often overspend on gambling and alchohol.

A premarital class is superficially a good idea, but it gets down to what extent either of the marriage bound love birds will practice full disclosure and be honest. Also the whole notion of taking a fianance management class prior to the wedding date suggests neither party trusts each other.

I am not saying that Skip and Beverly Little have not carved out their own little niche about NOT diving into marriage without some awareness of your future spouse’s money spending proclivities, BUT these things can be ascertained about each other without having to spend money on books and classes!!


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