Romo: Tom Brady moves the Defenders with His Eyes


Many astute national football league observers feel like quarterback Tony Romo was forced off his perch at least two seasons too early. These kind of capricious things can happen with a despot  like Jerry Jones as the owner of the team.

He hasn’t missed a beat becoming quickly one of the most informed and best television commentators. The title of this post, according to the former Dallas Cowboy quarterback, is one of the reasons New England quarterback Tom Brady is so effective against zone defenses.

Romo disclosed to the national viewing audience of the Steelers Patriots game that if Brady’s offensive line give him ample time to look away defenders from his receiving target, then it will be a long day for the defense.


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  1. Romo is an exemplary football analyst introducing his own terminology like a receiver having inside leverage on a DB.

    Carrie Underwood Moved Tony’s Eyes with her ass. I remember her telling letterman or Leno how well tony “performed” referencing their intimate moments in bedroom. She kinda forced it and audience didn’t laugh.

    1. James,

      You are confusing Underwood with Jessica Simpson regarding the “performance” of Tony in the bedroom or more frequently hotel rooms. Oklahoma NBA athletes somehow are more discreet in these matters and it does not get leaked to the press for public display and judgement.

      I wrote about their breakup back in 2009 and believe Tony probably did not like Jessica blabbing about their intimate moments on national TV. Most guys or girls would not appreciate that. It detracts from the trust in the relationship in my opinion.

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