Small Front Page Ad Versus Large Full Page 6 Ad Mayoral Election


The owners of the Roswell, NM USA newspaper clearly want the democratic candidate to win their mayoral election scheduled for today with polls closing at 7 pm. Either that, or challenger Del Jurney paid big bucks for a small ad at the top of the first page of the Roswell Daily Record.

Small front page ad for mayoral candidate Del Jurney Roswell NM

Contrast the above with full page ad paid for by incumbent Dennis Kintigh on the SIXTH PAGE of this small town’s newspaper! Don’t worry Dennis, my three daughters will be voting for you today at Waymaker Church!! You out campaigned the liberal candidate by leaps and bounds and deserve to lead this very troubled city.

Large sixth page ad incumbent mayor a Kintigh Roswell NM USA


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  1. Remember when Jurney was mayor a while back? He backed our police department when others did not. There was a lunatic methamphetamine addict terrorizing a neighborhood who died while being lawfully detained by RPD officers.

    Many of the bleeding hearts wanted the officers fired for doing their Job. Del stood by the policemen and our streets are safer for it!! I am voting for Del at the Museum and Art Center. I only wish I could vote 5 times for a great Christian who is a natural leader!!

    1. Del Jurney is the only candidate who really knows how broke our city is!! He was going to try and fix that if elected. Kintigh is trying to upgrade and improve our infrastructure,but that is costly! Natasha just did not have the experience to get the reduction in crime she promised. Craig Abalos has some good ideas about city growth and improvement and would have made a good campaign manager for Jurney to have picked up another 500 votes which would have made him mayor!! I think Del would have been on board for the universal basic income that would have helped all the poor, lazy Hispanic segment of our population.

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