So Many LLCs in Our Sue Happy Culture


Was reminded of a long lost distant relative while in El Paso, TX USA for some testing to qualify for a level 2 elementary teaching license  recently.  Pearson Professional Center is housed in a multi-story building, and right down the hall is an LLC whose goal is to come up with environmentally friendly solutions for its clients.

The relative  worked for a food & beverage packaging company who had a challenging wastestream.  He was stressed because their goal of  zero landfill was far from being a reality.  They were a Limited Liability Company, I think, because even though they were trying help their customers be green, they could still be sued if they make mistakes that screw up the profitability of their clients.  LLC status prevents lawyers from going after the proprietor’s personal assets. Gottal protect youself in our litigious society.

I guess Heritage Interactive Services LLC must face the same legal difficulties.  Thanks to Heritage for their role in making environment clean and healthy!

Environmental LLC Company El Paso TX USA


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  1. ANDREW L. WANG wrote about the pros and cons of LLC at NerdWallet. He describes how a judge can rule that plaintiffs can go after your personal assets if your business actions cause damage, loss of property, or impugn reputation of a competitor. Media sometimes calls this piercing the corporate veil.

    Cliff Ennico describes the attorney types finder, minder, and grinder.

    “Guss” Charles Markwell saved our ass big time during an LLC/Bankruptcy fiasco that had way too much drama. Guss definitely falls into all three categories and is a little expensive, but effective. Its been a few years back, but we still remember his genuine disdain for the other side who was attacking us in an unrestrained fashion. He shut them down, sending them home with their tails between their legs!!

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