Trump’s Travel Ban Effective and Fair


There is no doubt the leader of the free world is the most non-presidential president in US history. A former controversial and talented cartoonist at the RDR did not give Trump a chance of getting elected early on, believing Ted Cruz had the inside track. Getting into petty tweeting battles with movie stars whose opinions had no bearing on the election he won certainly are puerile and something he should not be doing if he wants to get elected again. No principled die-hard GOP backer can contest this assertion.

However an art community centered in Santa Fe, NM reports some very good news with respect to Trump’s travel ban. The International Folk Art Market did not report one instance of his immigration policies preventing any artist from traveling and participating. That’s right the much feared travel band only kept the truly bad hombres out. 53 countries were represented and not one artist was turned away at border. So the much anticipated hiccups with our leader’s travel ban were never belched.

Let AP writer Morgan Lee tell you more about flower-petal dyed scarves from developing third world countries that were on display by artisans who easily entered the United States to display their talents.

trump travel ban did not hurt art community in Santa Fe NM


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  1. Dave Chappelle, on Stephen Colbert, “President Trump is a bad DJ at a good party” which was received with resounding applause.

    Chappelle is one of the more honest high profile comedians.

    Al Franken’s appearance was marked by his poking fun at Oklahoma politician with no sense of humor. Franken mentioned satire is protected by the law which makes trump a really vulnerable sitting duck to Colbert’s genius comedic talent.

  2. Jordan Lauterbach, 31, a bartender from Flagstaff Arizona, was gassed by Phoenix police for his dangerously aggressive demonstrations against our beloved President . Many bartenders have alcoholic tendencies which precipitate violent behavior. Lauterbach Is still smarting over Trump crushing female democratic candidate in general election!

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