Underground Residential Wiring



Over time, the trees and brush can grow up and eventually tear down or damage above ground electrical service components in and around residentially developed areas.

Moreover, close to a third of all weather-related power outages involve the overhead service line to homes. The underground service is a way to reduce outages without a huge conversion expense.

Underground wires are safer than aboveground wires and are more aesthetically pleasing.
They also have the advantage of being less affected by inclement weather, having wires and cables underneath your lawn instead of hanging from a pole to the side of your home is certainly more visually appealing. All that shows are the aboveground terminals.

When an entire neighborhood or community, has homes with underground wiring such as the domicile you see at 17 Positano Loop in Roswell NM USA, the aesthetic appeal is obvious.

Undergrounded lines are also safer.
Electrical wires that are underground are safer for both people and wildlife. Aboveground  lines need a wide berth for safety reasons-especially when they are downed. Underground lines do not pose the same threat to environs because they are tucked safely away from interaction with living organisms or plants.

In addition to the dangers of the live wires, power poles themselves can also be damaging; being in such close proximity to roads sometimes leads to cars colliding with them. These problems are eliminated when wires are underground in entire areas.

  1. Residential power supply cables in 3 foot trench



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  1. Gosh, I love that redwood above ground playhouse next door at 19 Positano Loop. So cute. Great place for kids while mom is taking care of her needs with virile,sensual gardner.

    That whole Sorrento Subdivision area has appreciated a great deal with respect to real estate value. The least expensive homes there start around 250K! Prices will keep going up because no more building will happen since no more vacant lots. Too bad for Linda Kirk and Jen something.

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