A NMMI Cadet’s savior from the mess hall


Bates Dining Hall aka the NMMI mess hall(located above cadet store) has a new public enemy number one. The plate of pepper steak you see below next to the 24 ounces of Mountain Dew is enough food for two NMMI Bronco football players for the exceedingly low price of around $7.00.

Now who is that public enemy? Beijing Express located adjacent to Long John Silvers, delivers literally plate loads of delicious Chinese food to voraciously hungry NMMI cadets and Job Corps students. An attendant at Beijing Express told us that it was not unusual to see as many as 40 orders lined up ready to be delivered to New Mexico Military Institute and almost as many to the Job Corps! Huge servings at an incredibly low price makes this claim easy to believe.

Pepper Beef Beijing Express Roswell,NM

A glance at the Beijing Express Menu makes one wonder how they can be profitable selling ginormous plates of delectable Chinese food for less than 7 dollars! We love almost every item on their menu including the fried dumplings, crabmeat Rangoon, spring egg rolls, beef chop suey, moo goo gai pan, pepper beef, chicken almond, the very popular Happy Family, and lomein.

Menu Beijing Express Roswell, New Mexico



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  1. The wonton soup, egg rolls, beef chop suey, sweet and sour pork are all excellent choices at Beijing express. I have heard nothing but good positive comments regarding nmmi. Their superintendent Grizzle was just given an award by governor Martinez. The only bad comment I have heard is there is some favoritism going on there and poor communication between regimental staff and commandants office. Overall, an outstanding military school.

  2. Did you attend NMMI when Amy Tow was there? We were sort of friends. Lost touch with her. I would like to know how she is doing. There were no Thai places that I knew about when I was there in 2009. Mess hall was not that bad!

    1. Sure it was not Angela Tow? Angela was an angry disturbed person who was always blaming somebody in the corps cuz she couldn’t hack it. She hated Roswell. Her and Sprinkle were always finding excuses when they were not getting it done in the classroom. One of them got demoted because academic weakness. NMMI is not for everybody. I hope they both find their way.

      1. There have been a number of MS4 cadets lose their rank due to academic problems. NMMI is no weaker or or stronger than an average public school despite all the hype over their honor code and exceptional academics.
        The high ranking cadet who was suspended for blood bar had committed other infractions and it was time for him to move on.

        The following account of a father sending his daughter to NMMI is also not uncommon.

        I sent my daughter to NMMI. I expected strong leadership from the TLAs and the Senior Staff especially the Commandant and President of the school. What I got was sexual harassment, cover ups and bulling by the leadership. We experienced “Slap **** Friday”.
        When I brought this to the Staff attention the TLA told the Cadre she was the reason there were problems and the retaliation against her began. The Girls are put on the top floor to keep boys out, although that never really worked. The bouys on the first floor open their room doors buck naked.
        Two months before school ended the School told me to remove my daughter for her own benefit. Young men grabbed her butt while she was serving food at a meal as a requirement. It was now her fault because she mentioned to the Senior Cadet as she was instructed to do. This doesn’t just happen to the girls. The Cadre hazz weak incoming boys. One specific way is by having the young man bend over a desk in their room while the Cadre slams a riffle between their legs.. only stopping inches because of the desk. The Young man freaks out because he doesn’t know the desk will stop the riffle. When a Cadet or parent reaches out for help, the TLAs retaliate against the Cadet making their lives hell. Understand, Pot and Smoking is a staple. So if your son or daughter is a Military type and can fly under the radar then they will most likely be able to handle it. Anyone else wont be so lucky. There are safer Military school options.

        She knew the cadet(Brian Javier-who had clashes with students and teachers) who got kicked out for hazing with blood bars. The guy had some issues managing his anger, but should not have been suspended over that incident alone. The word was the cadet who “got hazed” wanted it and a kid who did not get his blood bars snitched.

        Julie Fertig reporting for KOB in Albuquerque implied in her televised newscast that the blood bar ritual is technically hazing as defined in the blue book, but is enforced about as frequently as jay walking! Josh Toles, not as eloquently, but much more vociferously dropped the F-Bomb numerous times bellowing his opposition to the unjust suspension.

        1. Standards at nmmi are lower than many realize. Paternoster was arrested for dwi in Albuquerque . He is on nmmi board of regents. Matter of time before governor boots him.
          Drinking happened quite a bit in alpha troop and cadets were kicked out. Now somebody above superintendent gets busted for blood alcohol content way above the limit.

          1. I taught at Goddard High and the standards at nmmi are high compared to Goddard. Coaches at Goddard ruled the place. Nmmi staff and faculty are not members of unions. Faculty can get tenure I think.

          2. The Scottsdale Artichokes crushed the nmmi broncos coached by joe forchtner 77-56. The nmmi coach needs to spend more time coaching his defense than getting all the staff to vote for his team on Facebook. His team won some meaningless award based on artificial voting.

          3. Camron Adams and some other cadets got caught drinking off post. Happens all the time. These guys just happened to get caught. There did seem to be a little more accountability when Jarod Wagoner and Lindsay Schuda were the regimental commanders. Jeremy Smith claims most NMMI cadets are happy, but that is really not the case. Many drop out due to unfair politics in the corps. Many also thrive in the structured boarding school environment including colt baseball players Jorge Casellas, Santiago Taladrid, Eric Gallegos, and Austin Washburn.

            1. There in 98 when Tim Berchtold was the Regimental Commander. He was a 6 year cadet who are in short supply these days. Ian Jorgensen was a cool cadet. I think Berchtold was from Bakersfield, California. Major Guy Gasser was down to earth military science professor.

              1. Did you know Ryan Letcher out of Artesia,NM? He ranked high in the corps and wanted to attend Air Force Academy I believe. Last I heard, he got engineering degree from Texas Tech in Lubbock then went to work in Cincinnati.

              2. I miss nmmi soccer and the guys Dominic Moreno,joe Todd,tyner guillot,ryan Allison,michael baca, matthew kneppers,Justin Chavez,Jeremy zabierek, richard vestal,steven McKee,Patrick seagers, ji macha, Julie shay,Mario astiazaran, jose sapien, Tony(anthony) Nasser. Other cool people were amanda alvarado, homecoming queen Susaan Johnson, peter kolby, Richard Hutchens a good golfer, alex vescovi, luke witmer, paul qualls, josh dotts, danny birt(made his mark as a popular author), josh shrader, alex alimansyah, andrew clendenen, santiago gamboa,ryan beagle,michael finch, ross floersheim,lemarcus spillers, larry weatherwax, larry begaye,brent robbins, mike burnell, auten chitwood, jason heuser

          4. You are right Schanepp. I finished teaching there in 2008. The corps and cadre teach NMMI cadets not to get caught cheating. This means the corps is saying it is OK to cheat, but only dumb asses get caught. Coaches are the same way. Hypocritical honor school. There is an Eco teacher there who tries to uphold the honor standards. I heard he tossed cell phones out of the top floor of Wilson when cadets were using them in class. He went to school there I think.

        2. My child got kicked out of NMMI for being a “bad cadet”. She likes boys, but the three boys she was caught with are still there. I guess double standards are a part of life everywhere!

      2. I was there when Jessica Jaymes,who later embarked on a adult film career, was a well respected cadet both in and especially OUT of the class room. I think she had a crush on Hal Mumme or some other guy who became a football star. Also ignore the misinformation spread by Cleanan Press Book which claims NMMI denies the rumor that Jessica Jaymes, Hustler magazine’s 2004 “Honey of the Year,” is an alumna. The Institute has never gone out of its way to deny that orgasmic Jessica attended. The book did a good job of covering famous alumni in its “tour” of the Institute, but unprofessionally falsified the information regarding porn star Jaymes.

        1. Knew Jess at NMMI. Seems to be a lot of BS circulating about her like all the tours she had to march being a record. That’s a crock. She was cool and had a presence about her. I knew I would hear about her again without having to try too hard. She was smarter than most without having to study too much. She knew exactly where to go in Willson Hall. Cool girl who is laughing all the way to the bank I bet!

          I wonder if she can just go out in public and have a good time sipping on tea at Starbucks without being noticed? Maybe she has to dress with a baseball cap and dark shades. Fame has its price and can be an inconvenience. Once we were all together relatively innocent, marching formations, wondering where we would end up in life, and promising to keep in touch.

          Funny how life just wears you out isn’t it? And the sad part is if you try to go back and relive it, it is just not the same.

    2. I knew who Amy was but not personally. NMMI was sort of cliquish when I attended. Was friends with Kelsi Probst and Adam Camp. Both really cool people. Would like to know how they are doing. Nobody really stays in touch or gets together except by Facebook.

      1. Adam Camp and Benjamin Sewell had the guts to stand behind their words and convictions. The guy who wrote what follows was highly critical of Ellison while only indicating he was in the desert north of LA. Real brave guy. Hehehe

        So, no one is willing to put forth the effort to add anything, eh? Well, that’s fine, I’ll just keep poking you with my stick until you do something. I just got the latest issue of ‘The Sally Port’. It has the transcripts from most of the speeches given during commencement week. Amazingly enough the only person that attempted to poke the ‘concerned group of Alumni’ was your own Adam Camp. Since Camp is no longer a cadet and is now an Alumnus, he is fair game. Apparently he really loves to hear himself talk, and he loves Starbuck’s. He called the ‘concerned group of parents’ “ignorant”, and he believes the Corps will survive regardless of enrollment. Really, Adam? How, how will the Corps survive to be a military school if the RC is a second year 15 year old, and he got the job because he was the only one to return? Thats not my beloved NMMI, that’s the school in ‘Omen’. dude sounds like a piece of work…hopefully the new RC, will be more accepted in the Corps. The ongoing battle to change the administration will continue throughout the summer, I will be involved directly with a new campaign directed at the Board of Regents. The previous attempts by the ‘concerned group of Alumni’ got some light shed on the problems, but, the Ellison Administration remains in place. The people responsible for Ellison still being there, are the Board of Regents. Well, welcome to the battle. This summer will prove to be ‘the beginning of the end’ for the Armstrong era. Mark my words. Later

      2. Played baseball at NMMI under coach Robert Nordhoff and Bret Simmermacher. Don Camp was injured but inspirational. Some good memories of the institute except some of the crap regimental staff got away with! Alcorn pitching coach David Gomez had strong bond with some teammates.

        1. You are right about there being a double standard with regimental staff. A college volleyball player orgasmed so loud, the entire stoop heard her screaming. It was one of the squadron leaders who loved girls with nice butts. Everybody new, but he was never stuck and kept getting stinky on his pinky at least once a weak. That girl was a real screamer with a perfect muscular bum who loved being spanked. Anybody but him would have been punished by demerits and marching tours!!!!

          1. Were you at NMMI when Kailey Moorhead,Madison White, and Kristi Hager were varsity volleyball players? I doubt they were the ones everybody heard screaming, but I know the black football players wanted them bad! They had very nice asses that half the corps stared at during mandatory games at Cahoon. Very sexy attractive women! Dana Stepankova has a perfect ass and is responsible for half of the wet dreams on post.

            1. Found this at cappex.com/colleges/New-Mexico-Military-Institute/campus-life

              Minimal privacy; some faculty members enjoy walking in on cadets masturbating. Random room checks to make sure it’s clean, wake up at 5:50am every day.

              Maybe that was the screaming you were talking about. Not all good looking well built girls are out on dates. They have to get off sometime dont they?

              It would be a TLA walking in on somebody twiddling their twat, not a faculty member even though some of them would enjoy it !!!

  3. The Robertson tennis player David Romero has a reputation of hooking. It’s a good thing USTA official overruled his attempt to cheat against Federico Sanchez of NMMI. Most NM tennis kids are honest, but we have our exceptions like any other state.

    Lawrence Foster, writing for the Roswell newspaper, called the umpire intervention poetic justice, but it is just plain ole justice in my book.

  4. Worked at nmmi long ago in their business office and am surprised alumni association was booted for “bad accounting”. The school itself has haphazard accounting standards. We would get calls from vendors all over town trying to pay us for using Godfrey,etc when we had NEVER even invoiced them to begin with! External audits were always a little stressful but the good old boy network got us through it. There have been many accountants come and go and everything just keeps chugging along.

    This does not change the fact that Phinizy does not have a leg to stand on. He is lucky AA was not booted much sooner. The AA was way too free spending and he got used to not being held accountable much like a spoiled child. Alumni like Phifer and law professor Frank Elliot do not support Phinizy and want him outa there.

    Phinizy is delusional claiming state law mandates the alumni association continues to function. He is right about that except he will no longer be in charge of running the show. He is trying to run the AA out of the best western sally port and bleeding it dry.

    The NMMI superintendent and BOR will eventually prevail despite the lunacy of Phinizy!!

    Would give more than a penny for the thoughts of Grapevine resident John Keating who vehemently opposed Ellison and commandant back in 2007.

    1. Jill McLaughlin wrote in the RDR that Chaves county judges Steven Bell and Charles Currier recused themselves(refused to hear the case) from presiding over NMMI versus Alumni Association. A judge in Carlsbad,NM was assigned to the case. I wish Jill had stated why both Roswell judges bowed out. Maybe both of them attended NMMI?

    2. Judge Jane Shuler-Gray of Eddy County correctly ruled against Former Alumni Association. She ordered the Phinizy led group to quit using the name NMMI, logos and crest. Looks like Jeffrey Dahl will still be paid by money earned using these NMMI symbols. Irony abounds!

      1. John A Phinizy II calls himself President of NMMI Alumni Association when in fact he is at best labeled leader of a group that is the FORMER NMMI AA. All that money your group collected for cadet scholarships was only made possible because your group was under the institutes wing. Your group had NO fiduciary autonomy Johnny boy functioning only as a subordinate agency. Money was never yours Mr. Quit your belly aching about the legally and ethically correct ruling of judge shuler gray. There are plenty of golf courses around town for you to while away your time.

        1. William H Tarver of Longview Texas possesses the eloquence of a high end trial attorney when he urges John A. Phinizy and other members of IAA board to make a “restoration to the decremented accounts” which translates to give back the fucking money that was not yours to spend. Tarver’s letter to editor 100% supports the actions of superintendent.

        2. Does anybody know what became of 69 nmmi high school graduate

          Gregg H. Mayfield
          140 North Street, # 715
          Buffalo, NY 14201
          (716) 884-3704

          NMMI Alumni Association Life Member? The gossip groups in the LRC could shed abundant light on this divisive mans whereabouts and intentions. Bob Brown of Monmouth, Oregon would have lined up with Mayfield on every count I am sure. The Oregon QUACK, I mean duck, appears to fault civilian members of the NMMI faculty for the decline in the esprit de corps. I knew of Bob back in the late 70’s. He was passive agressive back then. He wanted to get along with everybody and could not stand the Dallas Cowboys.

          Admiral Ellison could have won an easy libel case against this ignorant, full of hate malcontent old man who had not a clue. Gutless jerk conducted a chicken shit email campaign towards nmmi staff. The guy sent emails to physical plant and even had the janitors on board with ousting Ellison.

          “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of the facts and evidence.” ~ John Adams, 2nd President of the United States

          And finally, a recent email quote:

          I see the departure of this “ultimate survivor type,” NMMI Business Manager COL Judy Collins, as a good thing, although if Collins had sensed that Ellison was on super-thin ice – and if the regents ever asked her for an honest opinion coupled with a promise of their protection – she might well have turned on Ellison.

          “As for the “backbone” that LaWanda mentions below, well, I do believe that everyone reading this e-mail has helped a great deal in the battle for NMMI, people like John Keating, Bob Manning and Marshall Clevenger, the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) guys from the ‘40s (Jim Sanders and Hal Titus), another alum in allowing his quotes in the Albuquerque Journal one year ago, and one more alumnus in meeting with the ABQJournal’s editorial board last December, the brave Corps Roast newspaper editor and key parents like Angela Devlin, Shelly Davis and Connie Doolen – and BG Childress, Ms. Britt Bourque and Mr. Jim Sanders (who all also met with the Journal board). Then there was Gregg Mayfield who initiated the “Are You Concerned” billboard & blog, and Keenan Pickett with his own “tell it like it is” blogsite. And there was Steve Lynch at the May 2006 ABQ Tattoo who stood up and challenged Ellison for not keeping his promise to leave in two years if Ellison had not turned things around. And, of course, there are those who got an early taste of Ellison and Geraci like firebrands LaWanda Krett who fought for her son, and Rance Bradley, who stood nose to nose with Ellison at a Homecoming 2005 confrontation. And there are some courageous souls on campus who have supplied us with data to use in our attempts to shine light on what is happening. We represent an often disparate, independent (and sometimes rancorous) group of differing ages, politics, religions, temperaments and avocations; but we do have one thing in common: we really do care about that little school in that far-off place in southern New Mexico. But there are so many others who have given little more than lip-service. I simply do not understand this reluctance to do anything substantive or speak out forcefully and effectively.

          “We simply could not remain mute; and I believe that if we had held our tongues that Ellison would still be looking forward to his fifth year. But if the NMMI faculty ever had the courage to bring forth a vote of no confidence, I believe that Ellison would be gone quickly. Unfortunately, just like at NPS, people on campus are fearful for their jobs (even those with tenure)

    3. Trial date for lawsuit of nmmi versus FORMER alumni association has been set in October 2014. In the interim, aa can NOT use crest, logo, or nmmi name in any fashion to represent themselves as affiliated with the venerated military institute.

      1. Former NMMI Alumni Association found in contempt of court for continuing to use the Institute’s name after being ordered by district court judge Jane Shuler-Gray not to use ANY logos or intellectual property of the military school in Roswell,nm. I wonder how alumni attorney, Jeffrey Dahl, is being paid?

        1. Dan Whitfield, lawyer for FORMER NMMI Alumni Association, is now being paid his legal fees from money that was intended to be used for cadet scholarships!! He should be held in contempt of court for not returning the 5 million dollars owed to NMMI foundation as ordered by judge Shuler-Gray. The FORMER alumni association has already misappropriated 750 thousand dollars in donations intended for cadets paying off its legal counsel Keleher and McLeod if Albuquerque.

          Thanks to Jeff Tucker of RDR for reporting facts and only the facts!!

          1. Chris Birdsey writes in Roswell newspaper about the Young Professionals for Arts Collective(YPAC) and NMMI working to reopen the Chaves County Amphitheater which has been closed since 2011. The performance center which once hosted the likes of Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, brutally closed its doors to representatives of Lesbian,Bisexual, Gay, and Transgenders after agreeing to let LBGT use the facility a few years back. Desiree Vaitkunas aka Bunny had worked hard to procure the site only to be met by locked gates and an unwillingness by the Institute to keep communications open. Representatives of the Institute stated no arrangements had ever been made for LBGT functions at the Amphitheater. City Manager Steve Polasek understands that NMMI is a large conglomeration of revenue centers and informs us that YPAC must work out a deal with them that will be profitable.

            1. Roswell city manager Steve Polasek stated that NMMI did NOT want to negotiate directly with YPAC to work out a deal for the underutilized Hope Amphitheater. Jason Perry emphatically wants YPAC to negotiate directly with NMMI leaving city out of loop.

              You can’t blame the Institute for NOT wanting to negotiate with artsy fartsy YPAC who are probably not financially stable.

              1. I guess Barbara Beck must be the “We” in the RDR editorial titled “NMMI amphitheater facelift a good deal”. What the radical liberal publisher does not seem to get is that NMMI is the sole determinant of what will be considered a “good deal” for the dormant facility located a little behind Burrito Express. NMMI will happily let Hope amphitheater grow weeds forever rather than give in to a nonprofitable financial agreement. We have a friend who has been there awhile who can tell you a little about how the institute “cooperates with the city”.

                1. You talk about Barbara as though she is evil. I don’t know of a member of the community who is more civic minded and caring about the general welfare of Roswell as Mrs Beck. Her ideology helps to take care of all the babies born to meth addict mothers. Yes that involves taxing those who can to take of those who cannot, but somebody has to take care of all the irresponsible poor people or they will just commit more crimes or die.

                2. Why doesn’t Barbara Beck put her name on the editorials she writes? She, disingenuously, tells readers to calm down and compromise regarding controversial steet renaming issue when she NEVER EVER compromises on anything that clashes with her narrow minded liberal ideology!!

                  1. Sue Coghill, owner of trucking company in Roswell, writes a two sentence letter to editor declaring our kids attend schools named after criminals. She uses this weak argument to oppose the renaming of our streets. Is she trying to say MLK and Caesar Chavez were criminals? Who are the criminals she is talking about?

                    Her real motive is she does not want her truck drivers to have to deal with new addresses and I don’t blame her for being pissed off about confusion that would cause.

                    1. Dickie Davis, owner of Quality Liquor Store in Roswell, opposes renaming Main Street because cost of changing his printed materials. He makes his living off of selling booze to Hispanic alcoholics, so he would favor changing name to Chavez if necessary.

                      His faithful employee Gina Lopez says he is always willing to help anybody out which probably means Davis will sell alcohol to people who are already drunk as skunks for lower prices.

                      Guy Tipton of NuMex Plastics On Main stated his business would have to order new checks, letterhead, envelopes, business cards and others printed materials to reflect their new address.

                      Elva Hamill, owner of South Main Self Storage said renaming South Main Street would confuse her clients resulting in unwanted costs for her.

                      You cannot blame these sole proprietors for being pissed off since street renamings are screwing with their source of livelihood!!

                    2. Lee Baily Sides writes a brief letter to editor of Roswell,NM USA newspaper congratulating publication for non-partisan reporting. Used to live there in what is one of the most conservative bastions of the U.S. Sides is clearly an out of touch deluded liberal.

                    3. County commissioner candidate Lee B Sides, to staff writer Jeff Tucker’s delight, says the greatest threat of smoking pot is the munchies. This is why voter turnout in Roswell NM is below 20%. Cannabis is often the start of something much more family destroying like meth addiction. I will vote against Sides because Jeff Tucker printed her ignorant careless uneducated opinion.

                    4. Oscar Sosa of Artesia is upset at Chaves County Commissioners for closing 5 miles of Felix Canyon Road. Sosa is a “sportsman” meaning he enjoys legally killing wildlife. Does Oscar eat everything he kills. I guess closing road won’t make it easy enough to execute deer, coyotes, birds etc.

                    5. Hold up dude! There are plenty of respected people on Oscar’s side!

                      The NMWF supports southern New Mexico sportsmen in disagreement to the limited access of Felix Canyon Road on the Lloyd Treat Ranch.

                      The owner of the ranch, Mike Casabonne, has petitioned the Chaves County Commission to close a five mile stretch of the road that is owned by and paid for by the tax payers! He says he worried about trespassing, vandalism, and poaching near his property.

                      BUT, Chaves County Sherrif’s office says that rarely happens!

                  1. Roswell newspaper has not home delivered 6 consecutive days playing the bad weather card. Roads have been plowed and passable the last two days thanks to National Guard heavy equipment. If Keith Bell were still around he would most certain produce to the point cartoon.

                    1. Sorry, they made up for it by delivering a double Tuesday-Wednesday edition and the missed Sunday edition yesterday afternoon. Thanks to all newspaper delivery people. I know having a route is not a high paying job.

              2. YPAC president Rey Berrones and Kerry Moore and Kenna Arganbright and Marie Manning will soon find out that they will never be able to occupy NMMI amphitheater for lack of funding. NMMI will not give it up for the “nominal fee” that was reported in newspaper. The chief financial officer is way to cunning and shrewd to let that happen.

                1. AJ Dickman should have referenced the famous ENMU John Madden quote that Roswell is full of CAVE people. CAVE is acronym for Citizens Against Virtually Everything and was why ENMU was denied money in bond election. It will also be reason YPAC will not be able to raise $40000 to reopen Hope amphitheater unless Josh Ragsdale wins lucrative personnel injury lawsuit. Thanks to Kana Cloths for hosting free yoga, but any funds raised will be a mere drop in the bucket. Maybe NMMI could be induced to make a tax free donation to the impoverished alien city arts community.

                  1. Jerolyn Wagner and Dianne Klassen of ENMU-R won National teaching excellence awards and are probably good teachers, but there is no guarantee as awards at many institutes are often related to popularity or how much ass kissing towards admins or judges took place. NISOD just takes nominations without being aware of the soecific merits of each nominee. In this age of social promotion or how students can directly contact Presient John Madden with complaints or grievances about specific teachers, award winners are more likely to be the ones who give away easy A’s

            2. Too bad YPAC could not secure amphitheater in time for Ozzy Osbourne to bite off a bats head while performing. The well past his prime English Rock star was in Roswell filming history channel piece. Groupie Kathy Williams and her black lab were particularly sad to see him off to his next road trip.

  5. Read the work of Rob Nikolewski who writes for NM watchdog. He has done some thorough and diligent research forming some neutral and objective conclusions about the financial feud that has gone from simmering to boiling between the Institute and the Alumni Association

  6. Mary Morgan of RDR wrote a nice article about how nmmi super wants to be community partners. Ever since the days of the Walker Air Force Base, the Institute and the City of Roswell have been isolated from each other. Pearson is great for city. Senior Olympics too. Nobody around town thinks cadets are elite just sort of fake especially the big jocks who wear uniforms but are only here to play ball.

    1. Mary Morgan also wrote an article about the vicissitudes of being a teenager in the US. She has discovered that most of us are wage slaves as foretold in Das Kapital by Karl Marx. She unfairly blames her parents for making a mess that her generation has to endure with very bleak prospects. Mary is too young to realize it is not really her parents fault as the are victims of the excesses of a capitalistic system not just in Roswell, but nationwide.

  7. Reggie Franklin has been falsely accused of groping a woman while in Virginia for a NMMI function. Phoenix Harris, the defense attorney representing Franklin, is looking forward the athletic director’s day in court where the complaint filed by Sonia Jarvis will be litigated. The husband of of Jarvis wants Franklin fired for violation the NMMI honor code.
    Franklin got all this out of his system during his groupie years with the Harlem Globetrotters and does not need all this stress while performing his strenuous duties at AD. Read more of the excellent coverage produced by RDR reporter Jeff Tucker.

    1. Charges were dropped against Franklin who beat the image of his womanizing days as a Harlem Globetrotter. Do fondling her inner thigh and squeezing her ass really mean the same as sexual battery? Virginia lawyer Maha-Rebekah Ramos Abejuela proves the theory that an attorney with four names always wins when she filed a Nolle prosequi which means all criminal charges were dropped against Franklin for his unwanted sexual stimulation under the table where no eyes could see but only genetalia could feel. Congrats to Reggie for beating the rap!

    2. Gilbert Alvarado will be pissed off to learn Jeff Tucker of the Roswell Daily Record reported a Ninja style attack committed by NMMI football players Adjekudo and Butler that was the top headline in the newspaper. Adjekudo and Butler, who admitted the assault to NMMI deputy chief of police Charles Yslas, were trying to harm a kid who had ratted them out for smoking grass which is against the law and the schools honor code. Susan Boe claimed that the actions of the schools Chief of Staff was contrary to New Mexico’s inspection of public records act when he blotted out the names of the assailants in the police report claiming he was trying to be compliant with FERPA. I agree with Alvarado that Jeff Tucker does not like NMMI as two front page headlines harshly denouncing NMMI have rocked the community in the last couple of weeks. However, it appears that the diligent RDR reporter speaks the truth.

      What do you want to bet that if some type of scandal was going on at the RDR, Tucker, who is employed by the Roswell Daily Record, would behave in the same fashion as the NMMI Chief of Staff?

      1. Jeff Tucker, a writer for the Roswell Daily Record, produced a headline front page article today that covered New Mexico becoming a right to work state. The phrase right to work is quite vague and I wish Tucker had at least told interested readers what right to work actually means. What does right to work state actually mean? Right to Work law guarantees that no person can be compelled, as a condition of employment, to join or not to join, nor to pay dues to a labor union. So why don’t we call it the right to NOT join a Union? Who in the hell comes up with a phrase like right to work state?!! We all have a right to work!! God almighty folks try a little harder give meaningful names to things!!!

      2. Don’t know who Alvarado is, but any nmmi alumni should be super mad about Jeff tucker of the Roswell newspaper describing chance butler as the NMMI ninja. Tucker should be formally reprimanded by his employer or suspended without pay for overdramatizing the actions of 16 year old who does need to be punished.

        Butler violated his probation by leaving Pampa,TX and a nationwide warrant was issued for his arrest.

        1. I hope RDR editor fires jeff tucker for his nmmi attacking campaign! Just read excellent article by Jeff Jackson who clearly is a trained historian. His thoughtful front page headline referencing NM as the land of engagement during the civil war was a clever juxtaposition to the hackneyed land of enchantment used to sell our state to tourists. Jackson, whose very common name makes it difficult to Google him, is a welcome addition to a staff of writers who focus too much on drama and fluff. Tucker obviously has contempt for NMMI and I am surprised he gets away his attacks on the venerated institute.

          Jackson mentions the Battles of Valverde and Glorieta Pass and how isolated NM was during the civil war around 1100 miles from Fort Leavenworth. There were nine federally occupied forts before the war started.

      3. Captain Yslas has full time job at NMMI and Warrior 1 Consulting and Training. He is s master instructor in a high demand conceal and carry gun ownership class comprised primarily of women like single mom Leticia Rivera. I wonder if this training would give you a break on health insurance?

    3. Regimental Commander Cavin got removed for something many of the cadets do every day. He is an honorable guy who was made an example of for whatever reason. They got him for something that most teachers would not even report. I heard it was a green teacher who had not been there that long. Not really fair to Cavin.

      Franklin was trying to have sex with married woman, but got off. The double standard at NMMI is BS!

      ROTC is the only credible part of this boarding school.

      1. Phillip Cook committed suicide in Gila wilderness according to his father’s Facebook page. Previous commandants son loved him like a brother. Cook was quite and reserved and a brain as I remember him. He gave so much and helped so many! Does anybody know why he killed himself? He had a way with grouchy teachers in Lea Hall. Knew how to soften them up, but not that moody female teacher in Willson who was sick a lot!

        The extreme irony here is that cadet Cook distinguished himself in so many ways at West Point of the West, yet he would have been disqualified by the admission standard of NO attempted suicides!

        1. I found a Silver City Associated Press article about his self inflicted gun shot wound.

          State Police said Cook was reported missing by his parents who said he was schizophrenic and not on his medication. This does not make sense! He was a caring and compassionate guy who had many brothers in the corps. Did he get along well with his family? I never knew he was that down. I wish he had opened up.

  8. Konrad Odhiambo may be the most influential cadet in recent NMMI history due to emotion filled photography capturing shots that depict the full range of emotions that are experienced by RATS, students and staff. He had one good picture of bronco volleyball player which showcased the curvature of her buttocks in the most sensuous way.

  9. Word is NMMI graduate Brandon Beverly is suing the Roswell Police Department over alleged harassment, sexual, and racial discrimination. Went to school with him and he was a whiner and a blamer then. The mayor Kintigh actually went to Beverly’s run down apartment #6 to pick up taser and other equipment Beverly refused to return after he was fired for absenteeism. They should fine him for filing frivolous lawsuit although he is so broke that he got somebody that is not even a lawyer who is representing him.

    Don’t know how the boy got his gold bars. Cadets like Anton Bruelhart, Keith Bunger, Eduardo Esparza, Christopher Fleischer, Matthew Fuino, William Keliipuleole(his sister/mother wrote highly entertaining post about about their trip to Roswell and how they had terrible luck with their tires and were completely fascinated with he puerile Alien UFO themes at Walmart and MacDonalds) , Christopher Lahaye, Devin Lukomski, Eli Ramirez, Suzanne Riopel, Drew Snow, Jeffrey Van Meter and Danielle Wrig all deserved it even though Lahaye was a little full of himself.

    1. There are also many responsible Merchant Marine service academy preps at nmmi. Carlos McGinity,Anders, Dial, Meredith Willard,Fogarty, Grod,Eric Hernandez, Doody, Beshada, Mischler, Harrington, Willey, Deegan, Dubois,Cotto,Gellert are all accountable good people but there are some crybabies like Bryan Harris, Ragsdale, Hector Rodriguez(somehow this guy is cadre even though he is weak in classroom and big excuse maker),Braddock, , and a few others who complain and whine about their phisics math chimestry teachers all the time. I quit chillin with those punks. Ain’t it funny how the boys with the lowest grades cry the loudest?

      1. I have known Brian Harris for a long time. We are not as close as we used to be. He is good guy but lazy. He leaves early on the breaks from his military school down south and was late going back. His heart is not really on it. I don’t think he is cut out to be special forces in military.

        He was not really pressed too hard in high school and is having tough time with academics at Tougher school. He blamed everybody but himself in high school. Sounds like he is doing the same in Arizona also.

      2. Harris(not in Arizona dude) wants to be a Navy Seal I think. He spends too much time off post. He is not disciplined enough to be a Seal. Gets his feelings hurt to easy and pouts like baby girl when things dont go his way.

        There are some real bad ass service academy cadets like Shannon Murray and Simoneu who should have gotten in to Air Force or West point without even coming to NMMI.

      3. Are you talking about Max Braddock from California? He was a lazy jock in High School. Welker(Not cut out for Naval Academy) at NMMI is lazy like him but smarter.

      4. Unlike the people you mentioned at the end, most of the service academy preps are highly motivated and do not whine and cry about the conditions at NMMI. Remember that if people screwed off in High School like the cadets you mentioned, they really do not have much of a chance to begin with so that type of blame it on somebody else behavior is to be expected. Even if they get their appointments, they wont make it through which ever service academy they are enrolled in. Life has a way of filtering out the puny dogs in the litter.

      5. Clark Spencer Ragsdale
        Was weak candidate for merchant marines. He thought nmmi was beneath him and had attitude. Inferior in corps and academically. Was not surprised to hear he did not make it at kings point. Oh well being a lifeguard is an honorable profession.

  10. Everybody should be “relieved ” that the new hire at NMMI named Colleen Cole Velasquez declared she had NO COMMENT on the ninja style attack committed by Chance Butler in the barracks.

    Velasquez is the high paid director of marketing and communications who has been there about two months who stresses that campus is safe. Why wouldn’t anybody feel safe after hearing her reassurances? The old guard at the institute is quite cautious as there is a history of overpaid directors who do not interact with staff and faculty. A friend of mind who works there said he had never heard of her until he read newspaper article where Velasquez used vague phrases like former cadet when she should have known that Butler confessed his attack to NMMI police officers.

    1. A friend’s wife works at NMMI and says Velasquez fires out snotty emails to staff all the time. She carries herself as superior cuz she had some kind of high flying job before she got hired there.

      1. Marketing and communications director Velasquez told NMMI attack mode reporter Bethany Freudenthal that institute was no longer affiliated with former student and child pornographer Josh Williams. NEWS FLASH Colleen, NMMI is no longer affiliated with 99% of their former students. We do understand you get paid the big bucks to overinflate your employers public image, but please understand you are in no position of authority there and are required to cooperate with authorities. Have a nice day.

    2. Female spokesman of NMMI reports in newspaper that school has no comment on Molia Tago battery claiming they “are not involved”. The alleged battery happened in Cahoon Armory so institute is paying somebody to make false statements to the press. Thank you Jeff Tucker for making us all aware of business as usual at our once proud military school.

      1. Jeff Tucker, legal reporter for RDR, is being replaced by former Alaskan Bethany Freudenthal who is a much better journalist and understands the meaning of the word objective. Her reporting of the implementation of grand jury in Roswell proves this.

        1. Greg Neal of Roswell acknowledges he is a mongrel(genetic mutt) while delusionally declaring Jeff Tucker strives mightily for objectivity. Ask anybody who works at NMMI physical plant if Jeff Tucker is objective with all his Ninja BS. Does anybody know if this is the same Greg Neal whose attorney unprofessionally dominated a city council/commission meeting in T or C NM back in 2011? City Attorney Jay Rubin was a tough read during that assembly with objective onlookers unable to determine whose side he was really on. Rubin has lost some credibility wanting to terminate the public comment segment of the meetings, probably because he is not particularly quick witted or able to counter the common sense suggestions of the smarter old folk.

        2. Objective right?!? Freudenthal wrote about former RPD officer Valerie palombi suicide standoff with Albuquerque police on I40 bridge. Bethany uses the derisive term cop in the headline to describe a police officer who once served Roswell. Out beleaguered police department is 20 short miss freudenthal! Write about that why don’t you!! Where is your civic mindedness and and decency woman? I bet you voted for inferior female candidate in general election.

          Do you believe Valerie reading your article will improve or INCREASE her stress levels?

  11. General Richard Geraci will be leaving the Institute after 11 years of distinguished service as a cadet, as a parent, and as an exemplary commandant of the corps of cadets. He made some controversial choices over the years, the most recent of which was selecting a 2 year cadet as RC to replace the regimental commander who did not complete his assigned tenure. The young man chosen is an excellent leader and respected by most of the corps and staff.

    Geraci will remain an administrative educator taking his talents to Kansas City. All the best to your sir. We will miss you!

    1. Local paper said a man named Graff is taking over for Geraci as commandant at NMMI. He went to West Point and appears qualified. He has his work cut out for him. A friend’s daughter told us the attitude of the corps of cadets was in the toilet last year and a lot of kids were not returning.

  12. RDR reporter Jeff Tucker wrote a nice article regarding the wranglings between NMMI and its rogue alumni association legally represented by the incompetent lawyer Dahl, but was clueless in his comparison to the iconic divorce movie Kramer versus Kramer which portrayed an amicable breakup between characters played by Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman. Tucker never explained what an MOA was. The former alumni association was ordered by Jane Shuler to give back 5 million dollars they had collected using the good name of the institute.

  13. Jeffrey Dahl, the lead attorney for the alumni association, is sweating it because he will not be paid for about two years of work.

    Judge Shuler-Gray ruled 5 million dollars of alumni funds BELONG to NMMI counselor and she also ruled the alumni association is ONLY an agent of its BOSS which is NMMI! The alumni association still sucks NMMI’s tit and is NOT an independent fiduciary entity Jeffrey. NMMI is effectively a brand name which has been built up over the last 125 years. The alumni association is subordinate to that and are ONLY employees who should not profit from the logo, crest, or other institute intellectual property. Superintendent Grizzle had this all figured out before your eyes were half open on this one green horn. Stick to fights you can win.

    Good luck collecting your legal fees counselor:)

    1. Dahl and former alumni association lost their battle with NMMI when judge Gray ordered them to deposit 5 million dollars in a supersedeas bond CONTROLLED by NMMI. Thanks to attorney Parker Folse for putting FORMER alumni association in doghouse where they belong

  14. The NMMI spring concert at Pearson was a profound disappointment. The black Ape like football players were loud and rude ignoring corps leadership who told them to shut up over and over. It all starts with head coach JOE FORCHTNER who does not care about the academic growth of his own players. Coach should have been there to discipline his monkeys. Word is that when he is recruiting the hoodlums to play football, he does not tell them about their responsibilities on the Corps side or that they even have to line up for formations 3 times a day. School superintendent should warn JOE FORCHTNER for this and then FIRE him if the BS continues to go on!

    Roswell citizens in attendance turned around in the middle of the choir performance glaring at the loud mouthed, disrespectful, BLACK animals.

    These are the same type of uncivilized morons who riot when one of their outlaw criminal brothas get shot dead by police officers doing their job.

  15. NMMI high school coach randy Montoya is always complimenting his football team win or lose. At some point he needs to criticize them to help them improve. Part of being a coach is to hurt some feelings if necessary for the good of the team. Colts played awful against good portales team and all coach could say was he was proud of them.

    1. Hagerman basketball coach James Kelt did not want to sound like dumb jock when he cited Charles Dickens Tale of Two cities which happens to be the most hackneyed and repeated quote ever. He could have at least called game against NMMI colts the tale of two halves. Leave literature to English teachers coach.

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