Auto Dent Specialists in Southeastern NM, USA


We got a quick lesson on vehicle dent repair profitability just before we dined at a Thai eating establishment in Roswell, NM United States of America. As you can see in the picture below, the name of the outfit is Master Dent Techs who specialize in auto hail repair.

We could hear the booming, religious revival, type voice of a gentlemen inside the tent who was probably either helping customers or training dent technicians. They assist their customers when filing insurance claim. What shocked us was the dent repair business even promised to pay your deductible! Now that is a big deal! I do wonder how they can afford that? They probably possess the savvy and entrepreneurial acumen to cut their costs.

Let’s not forget they speak Spanish in a town where Hispanics outnumber Caucasians. Also many Roswell citizens park their cars outside since their garages are full of crap for the next yard sale. ┬áThis company is ideally located for a lot of business.


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  1. That must be half a ton of blocks staking that tent down. Pure genius by owners minimizing their costs by operating out of a tent next to the high visibility Lemon Grass restaurant. Almost does not seem fair dent business should benefit from Lemon Grass blue sky.

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