DISH TV compared to Cable One


The picture you see below is a temporary DISH HD TV satellite receiver  ground mount. This happened because when the DISH technician originally came out, he did not have everything required to do the permanent installation.

The DISH phone representative promised us a Tripod mount, but when the technician arrived we were informed that DISH no longer carried the Tripods. This is really the only complaint I have about DISH as the quality of their TV service is better and less expensive than Cable One. Getting the NFL Network with DISH was less of a hassle and less expensive than with Cable One. Also DISH provides internet service through Century Link and the communication between DISH and Century Link to effect the internet installation was very poor and took almost a month to complete. DISH did their part but Century Link continually showed up late or did not show up at all. It finally got done and the quality of the CenturyLink internet connectivity and speed is pretty good.

We dropped Cable One because of the high bills and the unreliable internet connectivity. Cable One internet was very good for a long time but the quality slowly deteriorated over time and we could not justify paying $50 a month for substandard service. The Century Link internet package only costs us $35 per month and is more reliable so far.

Temporary DISH TV Installation

Our issues with Cable One were similar to the following complaint from a woman in Missouri I believe:

We have been customers of Cable One since September 2011. We first had service through the Gulfport location. The service itself was stellar; however, we never received a paper bill. In May 2012, we moved to another location and in doing so, we found out the address Gulfport had for us was somewhere we had never heard of before! After moving into our new home, we changed to the Pascagoula office and things went south fast. Internet became slow and sluggish, TV kept cutting in and out multiple times, then the modem kept shutting itself off and turning back on, and now the Interent won’t even load pages.

I have called Cable One several times over the last few months and had several techs come out but I am still having the same issues. One tech said he heard trouble in the lines out at the pole on the road and that was supposed to get fixed but hasn’t. One tech said it was the faulty modem so they exchanged it, then changed the modem out for 2 – one for the internet and one for the phone. Still, nothing has worked. I have since gone with another company and I have also filed a complaint with the BBB. Next step is Attorney General’s Office!

Finally, I would like to close with a description of the very professional post mount that replaced the temporary DISH receiver mount that you see in the picture with 6 fifteen pound bricks. A DISH Tech drove over from Socorro, NM and poured 50 pounds of quick dry cement into a post hole he had just dug. He mounted the DISH Satellite receiver on the post and our DISH reception has been flawless and uninterrupted ever since!


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  1. Do not sign up for the 5 year $19.95 per month century link internet service. It disconnects all the time. When service rep comes out they can’t fix it. They won’t let you out of contract. They spend too much on commercials and not enough on maintaining there Dsl. No not related to Roger.

  2. Dish versus CableOne is tough to evaluate.
    I think a lot depends on your cable company since they control many different aspects of user experience. For example ,
    – customer support
    – what is available over the internet
    – what equipment they provide to you (I have Comcast and I don’t like my Set-Top Box software, but not enough to switch)

    Cable is a very region dependent industry since your area may be serviced by mega companies like Comcast or TimeWarner or little companies like Bend Broadband. Even within a big company like Comcast, product/service offerings and experience can vary a lot from region to region.

    Price increases or rate increases seem less common with Dish than Cable.

    1. Has anyone else had problems paying bill on CableOne’s telephone bill pay system? We are about to drop them if they can’t make it more user friendly. Even when it’s working, you have to listen to list of promotions and crap before you can pay your bill.

  3. We just cancelled DISH because of their inability to process our monthly payment via telephone. Their telephone payment system is a joke. It did not recognize the phone number we used to set up the account a year and a half ago. We then waited 30 minutes to reach a rep who could not get our phone number into the system.
    DirectTV has a much easier automated payment system and we will never use DISH again! The DISH website was another reason we dumped them.

    1. Stanton Dodge is DISH TVs general counselor if your are looking to sue them. We thought about filing a lawsuit against DISH TV because we were unable to pay our bill online and having to wait over 45 minutes on telephone hold to pay our bill! Their website is flushable and essentially unusable. Any takers on class action lawsuit against them?

      1. Nancy Pilley of Roswell,nm warns Direct TV customers to not pay with credit card in her letter to the editor. She was not happy with service and sent back all equipment in good condition, but Direct TV never refunded money for cost of equipment!!

        1. Dish is forcing their customers to upgrade to watch Alabama versus Washington and Ohio state versus Clemson in NCAA football playoffs. Five of the families in our neighborhood are cancelling DISH for direct TV. That’s a critical mistake by DISH marketing execs which will cost them market share.

          1. We can’t watch Portland versus Golden State on KOAT ABC. It’s not on DISH. DISH is blaming it on Hearst. We switched to DirectTV so we could watch nba playoffs without any headaches.

            1. Does anybody have an update on the flash mob assemblies scheduled to Block traffic near Hearst broadcasting in NYC? Do they plan protest by preventing Hearst executives from leaving their residences or bullying their children. We can’t watch ABC programming on DISH because of monster created by Randolf! Houston rockets fans have to go to sports bars to watch Rockets beat OKC today rather than watch it for free on ABC as ABC viewers have been doing for last 75 years. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

              Hearst tower, obviously, has security but blocking entrances and making executives dread coming to work is a start!

            2. I just cancelled DISH after having used them for FIVE years! Why, I live in Roswell NM not far from the Texas border.

              The Houston Astros are the best team in baseball and southeastern NM can NOT watch them! Direct TV much better and flexible than DISH. Figure it out guys or you will sink.

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