e Values Sam’s Club are worth cost of Membership


e Values which is one of the benefits of the Advantage Plus membership at Sam’s Club is a feature which can easily double or triple the cost of the Advantage Plus membership which was $100 for our family!

Sam’s computer system keeps up with your buying preferences and gives you discounts called e Values automatically when you shop. A very cool thing about e Values is that you can use them more than once! Understand that redemption of e Values is limited but we could, for example, get 2 dollars off on 8 cans of Hunts diced Tomatoes multiple times! Same with two pounds of fresh strawberries, smart balance buttery spread, and Jif Peanut Butter.

My dad used to say that it costs money to save money. Your up-front cost at Sam’s is $100 per year to gain access to e Values and many other membership benefits including pharmaceuticals, having the store to yourself at particular times, and automotive service pluses.

Purchasing a Sam’s Club membership is a great start in your personal battle against rising prices.

Are e Values at Sam’s Club Worth it?

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