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Advertisers know that a big part of any advertising budget is reaching people when they are out and about. That is what happened today when I pulled up behind a truck at a red light. As you can see from the picture of this Truck’s rear-end, one can call XcelEnergy for a free estimate on how much they will pay you to add insulation to your home!

We have a new home built by the French Brothers and I am convinced that all the insulation measures these Alamogordo home builders took would exceed whatever the Xcel standards are for energy-efficient homes. Standard features in any French Brothers home are R30 insulated ceilings and a TechShield radiant barrier in the roof decking which is a reflective insulation that keeps  heat out or in depending on whether it is Summer or Winter! Also the ventilation ridges(ridge vents) on the roof help to get rid of the surplus heat and humidity/moisture. The ridge vents are time tested and do not detract from the home appearance like some of the older attic ventilation ideas.

We should probably call XcelEnergy and request a credit to our electric bill since the French Brothers have already done the work.


Excel Pays You To Insulate Your Home

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  1. An old high school classmate bought a home from the French brothers in Alamogordo. we have known Corrine for many years and do not know of a single instance where a buyer was unhappy with one of their homes. They are good people and stand behind their work. I hear they are really kicking ass in Roswell.

  2. We had a house built by French brothers too. Got a good deal and great financing. So far home has lived up to everything that they advertised. They go a little cheap on some of the fixtures like door locks and commodes, but overall we are happy with the home purchase.
    We did not like their patio covers so we used a outfit out of Albuquerque by the name of Austin’s I believe. Austin’s specializes in patio covers and car ports and do great work. A tad pricey but worth it given their reputation and guarantee.

  3. We had a new home built by French Brothers also on Sorrento Drive in Roswell! You can not count on Zillow to have updated map or information as that region has grown rapidly and property prices have also risen. Zillow is not as reliable and current as it used to be. Zillow has a contact by the name of John who is trying to get things caught up.

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