Excellent Mattress at Fair Price


We saw this Serta Davidson Undisturbed Sleep mattress at Big Lots in Roswell, New Mexico. The price of this queen side mattress was only $299. Big Lots does not offer free delivery which is one way they keep their prices so low!

The sales staff at Big Lots is generally very informed and helpful about the products they sell. The Head to Toe Innerspring is what helps to reduce the sleep depriving motion your sleeping partner makes when getting up to go to the bathroom or just shifting their position for comfort.

Some innerspring mattresses are designed in a horizontal rather than a vertical way, which allows your husbands motion to be transferred in your direction which might awaken you from an otherwise peaceful slumber. This low-priced (at least at Big Lots ) high quality mattress is a good deal even after you pay for the delivery.  You get free delivery at places like Skeens and Glens furniture but both of those places mark up prices much more than Big Lots.

Mattress designed for undisturbed sleep

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