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We heard from my colleague’s Filipino sister that Barley grass powder was good for her goiter or swollen thyroid gland. I think swollen thyroid glands are relatively common in Manila due to the congestion and air pollution in that region of the Philippines. Antipolo and Taytay city have cleaner air and we may retire there.

We bought some Sunny Green Barley Grass Powder at the local mom and pop store named Down to Earth Nutrition Center in Roswell, New Mexico. The price was $27.99 and the product helps to reduce the swelling in the thyroid gland. However $27.99 for 250 grams or 25 servings seemed very overpriced.

Enter Vitacost which is essentially an online health food/supplement store. We found what appeared to be an equivalent product, but advertised at a MUCH lower price. We ordered 4 – 255 gram bottles of Nature’s Way Barley Grass Bulk powder priced at ONLY $15.78 per bottle. We ordered four bottles in order to get the chlorophyll enriched powder shipped to us for free!

I do not know how these small stores in little towns can compete with online health food entities. We saved 44% by ordering online for what appears to be the same quality Barley Grass Powder.  We will continue to order from Vitacost which has so far lived up to its marketing slogan of taking the cost out of healthy living.

Barley Grass Powder Natures Way
Barley Grass Powder Sunny Green

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    1. Rang,

      We bought our barley grass powder online at vita cost for $16 per bottle. We had to order four bottles in order to get free shipping. Down to earth nutrition center charged around $28 a bottle for the stuff! Barley grass powder is not only good for your metabolism but it has quite a bit of fiber.

  1. Folks from Midland, Odessa, Monahans, and sometimes El Paso Texas buy barley grass powder at nutrition store in Roswell, but they can buy the same product much cheaper at vitacost online and Also get free shipping.

    1. Puritan’s Pride sells a lot of the same products online as VitaCost. Their costs are a little lower too, but they are very slow to ship your order. VitaCost is very organized and efficient and much faster on their free shipping. Secaucus, NJ is location of Puritan’s Pride I think.

  2. Curtis Michaels used the literary device play on words with Stewart and Steward regarding the nutrition shop owner Sandra Stewart. Her mother used to own a health food store on corner of Kentucky and second named Mi Casa!

    Now she runs the place at first and Missouri

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