I found my glasses viewing dropcam video


The photo that you see is a dropcam security camera mounted on top of a lamp in the North East corner of our spacious living room. This motion and sound sensing device was purchased for $200 online.  This CVR which stands for continuous video recorder captures all video in our living room with a range of 130 degrees. It is a WiFi device which stores 168 hours of video for ten dollars a month at cloud servers in San Francisco.

You can permanently save clips capturing sentimental family moments or of a burglar breaking into your home which would serve as evidence to local police department for arrest and incarceration of perpetrator. All motion and sound events are sent in real time, with no more than a 3 second lag to your smart phone or IPad. Some parents put a drop cam near their infants crib to monitor the well-being of their baby.

The dropcam app we have will handle up to four cameras. The free app gets “used to” typical motion or sound events in your domicile such as a refrigerator door opening or a cat walking across the carpet or the sun striking a particular window in the morning. It also has an automatic night vision function that kicks on when it gets dark. Also you can remotely yell at a home intruder with the two way microphone in the dropcam preventing further damage or theft. And, no the home invader can NOT yell back at you, but only wait in fear for you to submit video to local law enforcement!! Remember, the video footage is stored remotely on cloud server which the thieves can not possibly tamper with. They could destroy the $200 camera, but not the video of their criminal actions!

The dropcam is a much less expensive solution to home security than Vivint, ADT, Securitel, Front Range, etc.

This morning I misplaced my glasses and only had to review the the video to locate the spectacles of this absent-minded homeowner!

Read the work of  Wade Roush founder of Xconomy and John Biggs for more depth and breadth on this inexpensive home surveillance system. Also nothing but respect to dropcam CEO Greg Duffy for making home security an achievable possibility for citizens of average means.


Low priced high quality sound and motion detecting security camera
Low priced high quality sound and motion detecting security camera



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  1. I was worried we had received a defective dropcam because we frequently got the message “your camera is not connected”. Realize the problem was with our ISP centurylink who sucks despite all the advertising claiming they give you fast speeds at low rates. CableOne is superior to them as far as reliable WIFI goes!

  2. Clovis, New Mexico punk Shane Wilson was videoed stealing golf clubs from a car parked in the driveway of Jake Adkins. Adkins saw the theft taking place on his home surveillance system and ran out to stop the burglary in progress. Shane Wilson drug Jake injuring him severely with the victim’s blood splattered all over the driveway! Adkins got the moron’s license plates number which led to the punk’s arrest. Wonder if the video alone would have been enough to lock up the stealing criminal scoundrel. Adkins is a talented golfer for New Mexico Junior College in Hobbs.

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