Government Rewarding Home Owners who are never late on Mortgage Payment


Was ecstatic to learn that United States government rewards people who pay their home mortgages on time every month for a long duration. The ad displays a check issued by the United States Treasury for $165,908.60 which is payed to the order of RIC with a PO Box in Allegan MI 49010. The disbursement which appears to be backed by the good faith of the US government is void if not cashed in a year and has what appears to be a routing number in San Francisco.

The actual ad reads Homeowners who have not missed a monthly mortgage payment in one year better read this now. I was in a rush and did not have time to read the advertisement at work, but it does make sense that Uncle Sam would compensate hard working Americans who are NEVER late on their monthly home mortgage payment. Especially with all the money doled out to people who do not work and live off of government assistance like credit card friendly EBT cards, it would be a nice gesture to reward honest hard working folks who could use the extra cash for a nice family outing or vacation!

Uncle Sam rewards folks who are timely with respect to their monthly mortgage payments
Uncle Sam rewards folks who are timely with respect to their monthly mortgage payments

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  1. Check this story about a dude who faithfully paid his monthly mortgage payments until his wife lost her job due to illness and circumstances beyond her control. He was honest and hard working and got screwed hard by bank.

    I am stuck in a trailer park for life(tones of professional victim already) now because of a mortgage company and a bumbling and incompetent government.

    My Story(Whitmire) is all too common of how public and private institutions flushed the American dream down the toilet: In 2000, I bought a $40,000 house with no money down and a $620 monthly mortgage. I made every payment. Then, in the fall of 2010, my partially disabled wife lost her state job. Governor Mitch Daniels slashed the budget, and they looked for any excuse to exploit whoever they could. We were victims of government inefficiencies and waste.

    We applied for a trial loan-modification through an Obama administration program, and when it was granted, our monthly bill fell to $473.87. But, like nearly a million others, the modification was canceled. After charging the lower rate for three months, their mortgage lender reinstated the higher fee and billed the family $1,878.88 in back payments. We certainly didn’t have that kind of money and could not borrow from relatives or afford the gouging interest rates of payday loans, so we filed for joint bankruptcy. Our lawyer advised we to live in our belove domicile until the bank foreclosed, but I thought that was gutless thing to do, so I moved out, leaving the keys on the dining room table.

    A year later, City Hall sent us a $300 citation for tall grass at our former address 1900 W. 10th St. even though the bank now owned the property. They cited us for tall weeds and unsightly premises and health hazard and various other infractions.

    The problem with this gentleman’s sad story is that he paid ZERO down for “his house” indicating he was a bad credit risk to begin with

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